Best Surgeons for Reverse Tubectomy Operation in India

Reverse tubectomy operation in India is an operation to permit someone who had a tubal ligation to try to get pregnant again. This procedure is performed to allow a female egg into the fallopian tube where the pregnancy can occur again. While undergoing this operation you should consider several factors.

Although a woman decides to have tubal ligation reversal surgery, she might not be able to undergo this surgery due to certain factors. Hence, your doctor should decide whether the fallopian tubes can be reversed or not. The best surgeons will perform laparoscopy surgery to decide if a woman is suitable to undergo this operation. The factors such as whether your fallopian tubes were blocked or surgically cut in the initial surgery, the overall health of the fallopian tube, how much the tubes will remain intact for reattachment, the age and general health of the women are considered to know whether you are a good candidate for the reverse tubectomy operation in India.

The benefits of undergoing a tubal ligation reversal surgery are- less chance of multiple births, natural pregnancy, small surgical scar and outpatient procedure. The success rate of reverse tubectomy operation in India is higher. Women under 30 years have about 70% of success rate to become pregnant post this procedure while those over 35 years have a success rate of about 62% and women over 40 years have 34% success rate.

This surgery is done in a hospital or an outpatient centre. The patient will be given general anesthesia and therefore you will be pain free during the operation. The surgeon will place a small lighted scope called as a laparoscope through the belly button into the pelvis region which will allow the surgeon to look at the fallopian tubes and determine if the operation is possible. If its possible, then the surgeon will make a small surgical cut called as a bikini cut near the pubic hairline. Usually, the reverse tubectomy operation will take about two to three hours.

Healthcare tourism is gaining advantage in India since it has become a centre of medical excellence due to the following factors- Indian healthcare excels in treatments and the medical institutes here offer excellent services ranging from the general medicine to the surgery for many diseases and complications. Most physicians and nurses speak English. The medical expenses in the Western Superpower nations are too high and hence cannot be afforded by all. Indian medical centers offer low cost medical treatments and surgeries by maintaining the international quality standards. The high quality standards in the medical centers are suitable for your conditions.

The low cost tubal ligation reversal surgery in India is most preferred choice of people since the cost of the surgery in the United States and UK is quite expensive. The best surgeons for reverse tubectomy operation in India are well-qualified, skilled and highly experienced in handling these cases. The significantly low cost of the surgery in India is one of the key reasons why the patients from across the globe fly down to India for getting their medical treatments. The cost of reverse tubectomy operation is a fraction of the cost in the US, Canada, UK, etc.

Indian Medguru Consultants is a leading medical service provider in India offering comprehensive medical treatments and surgeries to the international patients seeking affordable cost tubal ligation reversal surgery in India. Our network of the best surgeons has ample experience performing the operation with higher success rate and fewer complications. You can consult Indian Medguru Consultants to know the best surgeons for tubal ligation reversal surgery in India. We will take care of the arrangements such as your medical visas, stay, food and accommodation, etc. while travelling to India for your treatment. Send us your inquiry to know more about the tubal ligation reversal surgery in India and our executive will guide you to book your surgery in India from the best surgeons in India. You will be asked to provide your medical reports which will be studied our panel of experts and then we will offer the opinion with the medical packages. You can choose the best treatment package within your budget.

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