Best Internet Service Provider in Nigeria 2015

Internet Service Providers (ISP) serves as the main entry or gateway access to the world largest network of computers, the internet. ISP companies are charged with the sole responsibilities or providing, distributing and regulating internet access to individuals, organizations and government establishment.

I have researched and come up with the ten reliable ISP companies in 2015 with reference to Nigeria. My list is drawn from personal experience and general opinion of internet users. The list rank from top to least.

1. NETCOM Africa: The folks at Netcome Africa has been pioneering fastest and superior internet service in Nigeria for a while now. They are still very much strong in 2015 and able to top our number one spot. They provide both Internet and VPN service to individuals, corporate organizations. Most of their customers are big corporate companies probably as a result of their high data plan but its worth if you have the budget.

2. SWIFT: Swift Networks is currently and only available in Lagos. Swift Networks was among the first set of ISPs to pioneer the 4G LTE service in Nigeria. Their 24/7 customer support (01-710101) is second to none when compare to other ISP support in the country. With their 4GLTE device, one can get unlimited burstable speed. Visit their website at to get more info about their products and services.

3. IPNX Nigeria: IPNX is back for the better. With the launch of their wired internet service already in Island area of Lagos and spreading across the whole of the state. They also available in Abuja and Port Harcourt. Their burstable speed is unlimited. is your point for more info

4. ETISALAT: They are third Nigeria’s largest mobile network provider. Officially commencing business in Nigeria in the year 2008, Etisalat already ranked as the best mobile ISP within 1 year  of been in business. Their data plan fee is a little higher when compare to other ISP, but the price worth the service derived from the payment. Visit their website

5. SPECTRANET: I have not personally use it but from majority of my friends and online users who rates Spectranet, they are very reliable likewise their data plan is the cheapest when compare with the bundle allocated. With their 4GLTE service available in Lagos and Abuja for now, they are planning to expand across other major cities in Nigeria soonest. Visit their website for info.

6. SMILES: Smile was initially offering it service to Ibadan and Oyo environs before spanning to Lagos. Plan are already on ground to move to Abuja, Port Harcourt and other major cities soon. They offer 4GLTE service. For more info, log on to their online portal at

7. GLOBACOM: Glo has since lost it number one spot for over a year now but still reliable has the integrity to make it to our number 7th position. Their HSDPA service is still waxing strong. Their budget friendly data plan also makes Glo stands out among their rivals. More info at

8. VDT Communications: Not too long ago, VDT got the license to run the 2.3GHz Spectrum internet service in Nigeria. They proves both internet and VPN service to individuals and corporate organizations.

9:MTN Nigeria: MTN also provides fast internet service. Their widely coverage across Nigeria earns them the credit to makes top 10 spot in 2015. Visit

10. VISAFONE: Visafone still remains the only CDMA network provider in Nigeria with reliable internet service in 2015.  Go to for more info.

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