Best Hospitals for Medical Treatment in India

Best Hospitals in India

An increasingly large number of people from around the world are choosing medical tourism-the process of availing medical and surgical procedures outside their country, either because of the non-availability of facilities in their countries or because the services cost a fortune in the home country.

India has emerged to be one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. What makes this destination so popular is the fact that you can afford to undergo the treatment at few of the best hospitals in India, with a price tag that will not empty your bank account and still afford you the very best in medical services at a top-notch facility.

Medical Tourism in India can be tracked down by the increasing number of corporate hospitals in the metropolitan cities. Availing hi-tech medical care at affordable rates has drawn many patients to India for medical treatment. 

Why Hospitals in India?

Numerous medical tourists have preferred Indian hospitals for years now. Let us discuss the factors that are luring many patients for getting the best medical treatment in Indians hospitals. 

  • Affordability is the major reason. Where private healthcare is expensive for patients from the US and UK, Indian hospitals provide affordable medical treatment with the same quality services offered in their domestic countries. Moreover, surgeries that are not covered by insurance, patients choose to undergo them in India.
  • Availability of certain procedures that are not available locally or not performed by trusted doctors, is another reason that medical tourist prefers Indian hospitals. This often happens with many patients from the middle east and Africa.
  • Accessibility applies more particularly to patients from countries where the waiting list is long. In the UK, private health care may be available locally but is very expensive.
  • Acceptability of few surgeries is denied in some countries due to religious, social or political reasons. In such cases, patients choose India due to the availability of all types of surgeries.
  • Additional factors include the availability of better technology, better specialists, personalized care compared to care in the domestic country.

Availability of both Elective and Non-elective Procedures

Some of the popular procedures that people come to India are heart surgery, brain surgery, joint replacement surgery, dental surgery, and spine surgery. It is also a popular destination for cosmetic surgery procedures like breast augmentations, face-lifts, nose jobs, weight loss surgeries and more.

So pretty much every end of the spectrum is covered here and thanks to the talented surgeons and top hospitals, India is a great option whatever your medical needs may be. 


The hospitals in India offer cutting-edge technology that supports medical procedures performed by highly skilled specialists. All the recognized hospitals have invested a lot in operative and supportive technologies.

Complicated surgeries involving heart or brain, cancer care, or even general surgeries require sophisticated and high-end technology that provides:

  • Minimize complications
  • Better outcomes
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced length of hospital stay

The recent developments in surgical technologies like CyberKnife stereotactic options, transplant support systems, radiation surgeries, robotic surgeries, advanced neuro and spinal options are all available at few of the best hospitals of India.

India’s hospital management is known to challenge themselves to the latest frontiers only to provide solutions with high success rates.

Hospital Infrastructure 

The hospital infrastructure in India has developed considerably offering state-of-the-art facilities such as medical imaging, telemedicine, EHR, pharmaceutical, R&D, medical insurance, diagnostic tools, etc.

The decisive players that elevated the development of hospital infrastructure are the E-hospital project and telemedicine. These projects have benefited the record management, laboratory services, and human resources for the hospitals. EMR systems and the EHR software have upgraded the hospital infrastructure in India.

Moreover, some of the Indian hospitals offer facilities like pick and drop services through helicopters, or technological delivery that is mobile-based.

Success Rates and Growth of Indian Hospitals

Some of the hospitals such as Apollo Hospitals Group have consistently recorded better outcomes than the international hospital standards offering medical needs associated with coronary, prostate, and knee surgeries as well as operation theatre or catheter-related infections.

Similarly, HCG Oncology has shown a  five-year survival rate for patients with breast cancer in comparison to US standards. The same success rate is noted with the Deccan Hospitals. The five-year survival rate for peritoneal dialysis patients is the same as compared to the US hemodialysis treatment which is rather more expensive.

Considering the spectacular growth factors, the market of hospital infrastructure in India is set to reach USD 200 billion by 2024.

The Major USPs of the Best Hospitals in India

  • Accreditation based on best Indian and International standards like JCI, NABH, NABL.
  • Availability of fully equipped facilities.
  • Prompt emergency care facilities.
  • 24-hour nursing care.
  • Fully equipped operating rooms with all the necessary facilities.
  • Well qualified and renowned doctors.
  • Blood banks that follow international FDA standards.
  • A dedicated cell or department for helping international patients.

Medical Treatment in India

Thanks to the people's more open-mindedness about traveling to places like India for their medical needs, there is a new related phenomenon too. You will now find reputed medical tourism companies that help you plan your trip here with everything from your travel plans in the country to connecting you with the right professionals.

You will find such companies that also offer you unbiased consultations right from the get-go about the different procedures available as well as what you can expect from your stay in the country and the procedure itself. 

You will able to find such private companies that will be able to not only connect you with the best hospital in India for the procedure in question but also help you with other varied services like treatment advisory, treatment planning, treatment facilitation, follow-up services, etc. 

If you are interested in taking this efficient route, all you need to do is look online and explore the websites of such medical tourism companies that give you all the information you need.


IndiCure is one of the largest and most renowned medical tourism companies in India offering treatment at few of the best hospitals in India at most affordable cost. 

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