Benefits, Uses of Hospital bed Rental

We provide our customers with 3 types of adjustable hospital bed rental on hire. Our manual semi-fowler beds are available on rent. Just call us any time and our services will be available to u in no time. The beds that we make you available are:

Fowler bed: they are the beds which are easily adjustable and are made to fit every patient and give comfort to them in all positions. These kinds of beds are very effective in patient’s abdominal muscle rest. The fowler position is the very basic position wherein a patient can move his body be it the upper or the lower portion.

Semi-fowler bed: in these beds only the head/upper portion of the patient can be moved. The patient can be lifted by 15-20 degrees. These good quality manual semi-fowler beds are available on rent in Mumbai.

Electrical beds are not manually operated but are button operated as the name suggests.

We specialize in Fowler and semi-fowler beds. We give our manual semi-fowler beds on rents. Do contact us any time of the day and you will get our services without any delay. We are one of the reputed organizations in this business. We always provide the best quality range of hospital bed rental. Manual Semi Fowler Bed is one of these.

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Comment by Kingsley Chigo Michael on March 29, 2021 at 11:49am

Great information, thanks for sharing

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