You are at a university to go to class, to get an education and to make the grades to stay there till graduation. Sounds simple right? Of course, it is not always easy to be a star student. A lot of students using essay help service to save their time. On top of that, I talk a lot about involvement (because I am heavily involved myself), but did you know that being involved can help improve your study habits and bring your grades up? Involvement in extracurricular activities in college can boost your GPA to the level you want.

I’ve talked before about how you can stay involved as a commuter student. I have even talked about how you should be involved because you are actually paying for that opportunity. What I want to talk about today is why you should be involved as opposed to how and there are many academic benefits.

A required GPA makes you do the work
Nearly all organizations you will be a part of in college has a minimum GPA that you must have to be considered an active member in their group. If you want to be a part of the group – and you do, right? – then you will make sure your GPA is well above that needed mark. Nothing is better at motivation than a little tough love now and then.

You have a reason to be there
If all you do is go to class and study, you are going to be bored and you are going to hate it eventually. It doesn’t matter if you are living on campus or living off campus, you have to be involved and have something to connect you to your school. By creating that bond, you have a reason to be at your school and to love your school. That means you won’t mind going to class, because you know you have something more fun to look forward to (unless you think going to class is fun too).

You have a reason to come back
This is very similar to the last point, but also different. Not only will you want to be there day after day, but you will want to come back the next year – all the way up till graduation (just don’t put off graduating to stay longer, your bank account won’t like that). Not only will you want to come back, but you now have yet another reason to keep your GPA high so the university will let you return for another term.

You have a support and study group
Some organizations are better at this than others, but they all can serve as a support and study group for your benefit if you let them. Don’t be too afraid or too proud to ask if you need it. They may have a GPA requirement, but they don’t want to kick anyone out. They will likely be happy to help you study for a test or learn a new concept if you’re struggling (just don’t cheat!).

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