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By Emmanuel Nicholas

Behold the new Senator of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district, bold like thunder, unstoppable like lightening, braver than the Lion, garnish with wisdom and civility, honest and humble, the people’s bride. Tested and trusted, to deliver the dividends of democracy. Who will not be the Senate pavilion sleeper but a voice of redemption to Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, Akwa Ibom State and the entire Nigeria.

See him coming with diamond apparel, gloriously made by God as a king to always lead, influential like the Angels, surmounting all mountains and valleys under his feet. Always a victor in front of battles of life, the death of his father during his infancy could not stopped him from becoming a Lawyer, Abacha of all cruel dictatorship  could not hold him back from getting the first ever private Tele-communication   licence for EMIS , as David he was sort after to come back home and become the King, but  there were other famous members of  great Akpabio Family , just as David whom Samuel sent for from the forest where he was shepherding the flocks, killing Lion and leopard , the emissary  brought him back to become the Commissioner in Akwa Ibom State.

He contested gubernatorial nomination  among the 57 titans in 2007 against all odds he become the Akwa Ibom State Governor , in 2011 against all Satanic collaboration and vibration against him, he retained his throne as the governor of Akwa Ibom State , so who is the defiant  who could stop him on his way to the upper chamber? He will melt like wax before him; can he stop the wind and volcano? No! So Akpabio cannot be stopped by a non performing leader and a leader who cares not about his people well-being.  

His birth was neither foretold nor was there any story of a spectacular birth told about him. The most could only have been that a son has been born into the great Akpabio family of Ukana Ikot Ntuen, now in Essien Udim Local Government. New born tells no tales and so as he came on that eventful day of Sunday 9th in the month of December 1962, he was, like every other new born, meek and tender. Only the spiritually gifted would have read the gift of greatness in his aura. . Indeed, if prophecy were still a common enough feature during his birth, may be then many would have been directed to search the lad for telling signs. But no! No one imagined that in those tiny and tender fists clutched many gifts and talents.   

Just a few years after the election of Godswill Akpabio as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, the average individual in the once neglected patch of land in this part of Nigeria could see the effect of government through the provision of roads and free and compulsory education. Gone are the days of politician-contractors with no conscience. Gone are the days when people took money, knowing full well that they had no knowledge of engineering construction. Akwa ibom State now has someone who understands the basic factors of development in the helms of its affairs. Government is supposed to lay down the rudiments of development such as roads, electricity, water, access to education and healthcare.  Development follows and individuals realize their potential when they have these rails that support entrepreneurship. The American Embassy in Nigeria told its home government that Akpabio is the leader to watch in Nigeria. They know this because against the backdrop of the past devastation, they see signs of progress and a leader who knows what the state needs. These is what his people want him to bring to bear in their Senatorial district and transform their land and people, as they no more need sleeping MP’s but an outspoken voice  who could attract massive government projects to the district.

 Chief Godswill Akpabio has looked into the future of the state and realised it should be among the comity of states of the nation and has decided to give the youths education that will provide them with the drive and push to compete and lead others. And at the stage he has taken Akwa Ibom State, it is a point to note, that the people may have been whatever circumstances placed them in the past, but now that they have been lifted to their pinnacle, they have fashioned out how to conquer. They have sighted their Eldorado and have mastered the route-having been shown the way by one ordained to lead, as Nigeria’s model of exemplary leadership. That is why the youth of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District are leading the way to make sure Akpabio does not retire home in 2015 to family matters but place him in a compressor to pressurise him to accept their mandate to represent them at the Senate.

 Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio made his intention to retire from public service known; I repudiated that standing and prophesy that I see Akpabio beyond 2015. Many diagnosed my article as one of those gimmicks of brown-nosing. It wasn’t long the people of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District came calling on him to reassess his retirement age, as his selfless service, experience and leadership prowess are still in need.

The elders of the Senatorial district led by the sitting Senator, Sen. Aloysius Etuk, who was the spoke person of that August delegation to Government House, beseeched the uncommon Transformer to take over from him. However, the rumour mongers are saying that the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District serving senator denounced on a broadcast, that he never did so, which means he is a man of double standard, a human in the morning and a ghost at night.

 As a leader who always listens to the voices of his people, Governor Akpabio wanted to retire home to nurture the growing up of his children, but that would have been selfishness when so many other children are wailing looking for a reputable leader who will better their lot. As a servant leader, Governor Akapbio did not turn deaf ears to their plea but implored them to give him sometimes to evaluate the clarion call.

The youths of that Senatorial district, condemned his conscience when they led procession to the government house and protested against the retirement of Chief Godswill Akpabio from public service, the youths in their common position told the press that they saw Akpabio’s retirement as a greedy and selfish decision, “how can our Governor who is only 50 retire to nurse his children? What will be our fate? We want him to run for the senatorial seat of our District, with him, we are sure of good and people centred representation”, the group stated.

The promise keeper could not hold back his previous decision but hearkened to the voice of his people, as the pressure was mounting on him day after day from diverse groups, including the women, Political Stalwarts and the church. Governor Akpabio sluggishly retreats his earlier decision to disappear from public service and concentrate on his family private management. It is in this light that the Essien Udim born leader made public his intention to seek for the mandate of his people, to represent them at the legislative upper house in Nigeria.


In his words, he said “you have  spoken, I have heard, bowed in humility  I have obeyed , may God who is my godfather see me through , but I won’t bother  myself much on campaigning , since it is my people will for me to remain in public service. I promise to obey your call as much as my God will give me the grace”.

Akpabio’s Statement was passionate, which shows His commitment to obey the supreme voice, knowing that God is the only one with the supreme voice, but the voice of the people, is also the voice of God. The leopard, who eats the offspring, is the one who believed not in the future, Akpabio is aware that rejecting the voice of the youth, who are leaders of tomorrow is like killing the future, any leader who refuse to listen to his people is not a leader but a dictator.

Therefore, the current rave of rumours that the Sitting Senator rejects the offer to manage the campaigns of the coming Senator Godswill Akpabio is manufactured by council of lepers, spread by the singing frogs and accepted by tyrants.

These gibberish mongers also audaciously spread the rumours that the sitting Senator who led the entourage, is telling the coming Senator that there is no vacancy are dumbfounded and without any atom of truth as all are pseudo to misled the good people of Ikot Ekpene who has resolved that the only Senator, they need come 2015 is Chief Dr Godswill Obot Akpabio, the Onno Mkpo Inam 1. Also this wild conflagration of rumours is also manufactured to cause dismay between the duo, whose relationship is affectionate and intimate. Some said Aloysius Etok spoke on the radio that Akpabio should be told that there is no vacancy and Akpabio did nothing in his emergence, Aloysius cannot be so mindless to say so, because in 2007, he failed the nomination, Saviour Udoh won it, Mr Lambert came second, while he (Senator Aloysius Etuk) came fourth with 15 votes. Again, in 2011 governor Akpabio took him by hand and go through the 8 Annang local government Areas begging his Annang brothers to stay away from the contest and presented Aloysius Etok with a consensus ticket. In all the local government Areas one could remember that the sitting Senator was booed by the crowd, his land, Ikono was the worst as his people rained missiles on him. It took the intervention of security operatives to bring peace to the arena.

 When The Abak 5 youth  leader came on the podium to Speak  in Abak local government  campaigns, he begged governor Akpabio saying “sir, you want us to allow Sen Aloysius to continue, please tell him to start working, he has not done any constituency briefing, nor there is  any project to his credit that he attracted to the senatorial district, we don’t want him but if you say so………”,  out of shame, the microphone was taken away from the youth leader by the Stage managers to restore sanity.

Furthermore, we know that in 2007 it was the then incoming governor who told the then sitting President, Chief Obasanjo, that it will be not be fair for the senator and him the governor to come from the same tribe in Ikot Ekpene  Senatorial  District, so for the constitutional rotation of offices among the tribes  to be put to work, the winner Saviour Udoh should be begged to concede his position to Aloysius Etok , it took a lot of pressure and begging before Saviour Udo reluctantly accepted that  and the present Senator emerged not as a winner but as product of fairness and equity to rotation of office(rotation means if the president come from the Christian- South, the Vice President will come from the Muslim- North).

Trust is the basis for all the relationships in life. Without trust, it is impossible to create a healthy and productive environment either in work or personal situations. When people trust you, they are more willing to give their best, as they know that they will always get your best. This is the leadership quality that synergizes the ties between the Essien Udim born Politician and his people. Another thing that distinguishes great leaders from the crowd and sets them apart for outstanding recognition is their absolute commitment to stepping into their full potential and discovering ways to be the best possible version of them. This of course is the one business that Akpabio is a professional in. Over time he has been able to present to himself and others the best version of his life and with it; he has created a streak of followers and admires who trust in him to break new records in terms of leadership. The Akwa Ibom State Governor has inculcated in himself a fine line of humility that breeds honesty. Of course such honesty is what propels him to be addicted to the policies that uplift the living standard of the people and make them independent in survival.

He has yielded to the call of his people, so Come 2015, Akpabio will be given the mandate to represent his people, let the tongues of rumour monger wag, Akpabio will be Senator and Sen. Aloysius Etuk, the emeritus, because the people have spoken.


Written by Emmanuel Nicholas . aka White Bom Bom , An Artiste, Author,Poet,Social Critics and President Foundation Against Tribalism And Social Vices In Nigeria , (FATSVIN) tel +234 80 333 750 68,81733 75068, email [email protected], [email protected] , follow me on facebook crackdownnews newspaper or Emmanuel Nicholas okokon , follow on tweet @crackdownnews

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