Beer In Nigeria - The Top 5 Favorite Brands Running the Market

Nigerians love to party both on weekdays and weekends. Every party comes with an abundant supply of booze. This is a major reason why Nigeria is dubbed the highest consumers of beer products in Africa with an estimated 18 million hectoliters of beer sold yearly. The Market Research Group, Global data has predicted a 5% annual growth from 2015 - 2020 in Africa, which is the highest across the entire continent. Beer Companies recognize this opportunity and are distributing more to satisfy the demand.

Here Is a List of Top 5 Beer Brands in Nigeria

1. Gulder is a beer loved by many Nigerians, especially those between the age range of 26 and 50. This is due to its smooth taste and a foamy touch. It is also a strongly flavored drink with a unique brown bottle and label design. Gulder Lager Beer is available in bottles of 60cl and has an Alcohol by Volume of 5.2%. Star is brewed with natural ingredients which gives it a crispy and satisfying taste when combined with isiewu or asun.

2. Star Lager beer is a perfection of bitterness and sweetness. It was introduced into the Nigerian market in 1940, making them the first locally brewed beer in a market that was dominated by imported brands of beer. Star Lager Beer is available in bottles of 60cl and has an Alcohol by Volume of 5.2%.Harp unlike the other type of beers, harp is clean and brilliantly refreshing with a smooth finish.

3. Harp Premium Beer has low bitterness and a crisp taste due to the brewing process. This beer is enjoyed mostly by ladies and it was introduced into the Nigeria Market in 1974. Harp Lager Beer is available in a 60cl bottle and 33cl can at 5.15% ABV (Alcohol by Volume).

4. Guinness Extra Stout has a sharp and brittle taste with a bit of caramel flavor. Guinness is a Classic Stout made from malted barley and roasted malted barley. Guinness Nigeria started distributing in 1962, with an office in Ikeja. The Ikeja Office was the first of its kind outside of Ireland and Great Britain where the drinks were originally exported from. Harp Lager Beer is available in a 60cl bottle and 33cl can at 5.15% Alcohol by Volume.

5. Heineken Beer is quite expensive in bars around Nigeria, but the refreshing taste is something you can’t resist. Heineken is made of high quality which brings about their popular nickname Chairmen. Heineken Lager was brought to Nigeria in 1998 and they are well known for its signature green bottle and red star. Heineken is available in a 60cl bottle and at 5 % Alcohol by Volume.

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