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As a social media promoter and ardent models publicist,have lose counts, number of times aspiring and young models ask me rhetorical questions about certain beauty pageant and the likely question he/she would be asked during the “Question and answer session” at the grand finale of their pageant of choice.
Today, have come up with a list of few questions often asked at major beauty pageants in Nigeria and beyond. Have also helped in answering some of these pageant questions though you can always key in more if need be.
Note:There’s no guarantee that some of these questions will be asked in the contest you might be taking part in but it will surely guild you on what to say as some of them have been asked so many times in top and popular pageants.
The Question-and-answer session during beauty pageants is often a fraught and tensed session.
Before rushing to answer any question, always have a relaxed mind, in fact breathe in and breathe out so as to hiss off the pressure. It helps really.

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