Be careful how on how you say or ask," Obama, an anti-Christ? ".

Whoever is asking such question as quoted " Obama, an anti-Christ? ".
I in my understanding should see that question as a very discriminant question, and if you ask me why?, I simply tell you that, there is no country in the whole wide world that does not have different faith practiced, it does not also matter even if the Muslims are the minority, what it matters is that, how can we unite together as one people for movement.
And if i may ask, are we Christian in deed?, why are we being so judgmental?, how pure are we to lay such concluded judgment?.
My observation of some Nigerian, and which we or say those who are of fingerpointing, should start thinking of positive movement and stop being MUGUMANT.\simply means, some one- not positively thoughtful, or say, not positive minded.{ Culturally invented figure}
Obama, if you ask me, i will say, is a peace loving character, that all the leaders of the world should emulate, a president whose concern is to witness a common people, the United State of America that has given them world power economically. You and I should by now know that, the giant in USA mean so many things, it is not merely pronounced, it is always applied before manifestation.
It time we remember to remember that, when Obama came in, he took process in peace making, that was his first target, and after that was given an award of a peace prize.
You and I have the right to asking such question, but in this case, i say.... let our question remain sound.
Before you ask, first of all ask yourself, if i am given the same opportunity as Obama, what would you do?.
Obama is looking at one United State of America, while we are here picking from whose faith should or not be taken into consideration.
To rest from here, I say, God bless all the living.
Love, and then peace to the world to making a better community for all
ABC4ALL mentor Rommy Wuhe.

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