Who else want to be a boss and not an employee?
The fact is that there is a secret that many educated people have not known today. And yet there is virtually an untapped opportunity for millions of Nigerians whether you are unemployed graduates, retirees, or even employed persons who can spare some few hours a week for this business. This work will expose you to the best opportunities in life. You are going to be receiving offers from various parts of the world to receive money to carry out agreed humanitarian projects. These philanthropists are all willing to pay various amounts into your account once you fulfill their not-so-difficult requirement. There is no maximum amount or fund that you may receive. Since I started as a part-time CEO last year, I have received funding from 3 international bodies totaling some N4million. I have submitted another application for further funding for next year now which Iam hoping will be positive. Like me, if you start this work, you will be given a properly equipped office and you will be able to recruit enough staff you need to implement your projects. You will be invited to attend seminars and workshops from different part of the world as often as you are able to attend in the year. Iam so enthusiastic in this job that I have successfully mentored two new organisation to the point where they have now started to access huge funding from different part of the world at present. And I presently have five applications from new aspiring men and women who want to explore this highly lucrative sector. You only need to know what you want in this business. If you can read this post and understand, then you are qualified to own your own organisation right away. However, I have an assessment form you must complete and return to me to be able to determine how I can help you start this humanitarian business immediately. I will send you a soft copy to fill online and return to me fast so that you can be taken through the simple course I have packaged to reveal the whole secrets. In the oncoming course, I shall show you in detail the simple things you need to have to start this business immediately. I shall show you which countries and philanthropists you must approach and the best way to attract the funds in their possessions. I shall tell you which humanitarian projects that you are best placed to implement (based on the assessment I shall conduct). I promise you that my comprehensive course will not hide any secrets in this course. My course is prepared to ensure that you start this business the very day you get a copy.
However, I want to start by assessing your potentialities for this job. I need to be able to do this for me to be able to give you the best of services. You will need about 15 minutes to complete this online form and return to me. How much should I charge for this initial service? Just little. Simply send me a N500 etisalat recharge card or that of glo network as soon as you finish reading this post. I shall within 24 hours reply by sending you the email address you will provide me. This I feel should make things easier for you than asking you to pay this small amount into my bank account. Now obtain this recharge cards now an text it to my hotline with your email address before the end today: 08084804416. I believe in the next 12 months, at least 100 men and women shall be taken out of the unemployment market directly and another 1000 indirectly as a result of my own little contribution to my countrymen and women. Why don’t you reply now? My email is: [email protected]

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