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forex trading activities on the global forex market. One of the most important basic trading skill is the ability to understand forex terminology. The currency that is owned by the trader is mentioned as the base currency; while the currency to be purchased is mentioned as the quote currency. Selling one currency to acquire another currency is the basic forex or currency trading activities. Another important term to understand is the exchange rate; it is the value or price that is required to purchase the base currency using the counter currency. The exchange rate will determine the amount of the profit or loss acquired during a currency transaction.

Other terms in the forex trading activities like a long position is also important to understand. The long position is a term to mention a situation when a trader wanted to buy the mentioned base currency and to sell the counter or the quote currency. The opposite of the long position is the short position; it is when the trader wanted to buy the counter currency and wanted to sell the base currency. Understanding the terms used in the forex trading activities is very important for every trader in order to read the market situation and do the best response regarding the information broadcasted on the market.

Before doing the forex trading transaction; checking the price of the currency and practically negotiate with the other traders or brokers about the transaction is a fair practice. The ability to read the market situation and do the currency price negotiation will determine the success of the forex trading activities and the amount of the possible profit acquired from a forex transaction. As a matter of fact; practicing currency trading on online forex market is very simple.

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Comment by Juan de la Siebelsternberg on September 6, 2021 at 8:13am

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