Definition of W-2 form, according to the IRS website sounds like a Wage and Tax Statement.
It is a very useful document for both employers and employees. The template is used to cover withholding purposes and report salaries.

It is a must for every employer to send this form to each of the employees to whom a salary, compensation or wage is paid. The forms are not sent to the contracted or self-employed workers, as they report taxes with different forms. It is better to send every W-2 form before the thirty-first of January for the employees to file their tax documents in time, which is usually the end of April. Mind, that all information should be the same in every tax document, and prevent suspicions as well as unplanned checks from the Internal Revenue Service. They match the numerals, provided by the both you and your workers to obtain an accuracy in the tax return.

It is better to get familiar with the form beforehand, and you will know what sources of information to use, and how to avoid typical mistakes. First of all, do not forget to review the information you provided. It is necessary to ask every employee to provide you with his/her new address in a case of moving to the new house.

Being quite small in size the form is very informative. To file the W-2 form sample faster, and avoid the problems with papers delivery, it may be completed with PDFfiller editor. It will save your time, and one completed document can be easily fitted to the necessary paper blank or shared between necessary people and institutions. For example, the main document is printed on the special laser-scannable blank, and PDFfiller has the option that perfectly fits the electronic form to the paper blank. Using an only internet-connected device, you can process your tax documents in PDF faster than ever before.

What Information is Included in W-2 Form?

Basically, the form is divided into the left and right parts. The left one contains the taxpayers’ information and the right is the payments and salary details. You will need to provide the following information:

  1. An employer’s and employee’s full names, addresses and ZIP codes.
  2. An EIN of the employer and control number.
  3. Next part starts with the total amount of wages, together with all the tips and earnings the person received in a year.
  4. Then, type in the tax information like social security wages and Medicare wages and tips included.
  5. Every kind of payment is taxed, thus the tax withheld is provided in front of every sum. It helps to make no mistakes with countings.
  6. Next, the employer’s state and state identification number are required.
  7. The following parts include social security, together with dependent care benefits.
  8. The next box is for those who report the local income taxes to only one city. It is necessary to complete an additional W-2 template, for those who report wages for more than one state or city.
  9. Also, the name and the state of the place you are paying taxes to is needed.

It is better to file your fax documents beforehand in order to avoid further problems with IRS.

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