Bacterial Vaginal Infections - Useful Information!

An embarrassing personal issue that is very difficult to talk Yoga Burn to anybody about. Bacterial Vaginal Infections have lots of other titles. Among them are Yeast Infection, Vaginitis, Candida and Candidiasis. They all mean the same - an inflamed vagina due to an imbalance of bacteria. Up to 75% of the female population is thought likely to suffer at some period of their lives. It is also sadly an often recurring condition if not treated properly.

A vagina has a natural flora of micro organisms. If this delicate balance is upset a Vaginal Infection can quickly result. Some common symptoms are

* A thick vaginal discharge often with a horrible "yeasty" or "fishy" odour.
* Intense itching
* A burning sensation
* Rashes

The causes can be many and varied. Among them can be:

* Prolonged use of Antibiotics. These kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. This means that the optimum natural balance of the vagina is compromised due to the good bacteria not being present in sufficient quantities.

* An excess of sugar. A diet with a high intake does not help as sugar encourages the yeast to overgrow. This sugar issue is a reason why Diabetics are often Candida sufferers.

* Your body being in too much of an acidic state. This can be caused by unhealthful eating habits. Lots of vegetables and wholefoods help promote an alkaline body where bacteria does not thrive as well.

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