Azar thinks this is a unique place in the Premier League

Against Newcastle, this is the most serious situation in which Azar’s personal body suffered this season. He intends to remind other opponents of the Premier League, "I will not complain about this. I know that I will face the risk of being kicked when I get the ball. This is my job. I am used to FUT 19 Coins it. I can only get more. The better."

Azar thinks this is a unique place in the Premier League, "every weekend." Truthfully, the Premier League emphasizes physical confrontation. The referee often turns a blind eye to some physical fouls. In such a competitive environment, players need to develop a super-strong physique. It is obviously not an advantage for Azar to fight with the other side, and his technical display And the use must inevitably endure the fate of being violated. After three games, Azar completed eight shots, and the data was exactly the same as the number of violations he had. Throughout last season, Azar had been attacked 82 times in 28 games in the league, which is even higher than his shots (71)

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