Pregressives like my humble self and many other well meaning Nigerians are advocating for true federalism and granting of autonomy to local governments in Nigeria while APC party and some Governors are disapproving the idea citing that it will tilt Nigeria towards a unitary state. I'm lost as to bases of that understanding or maybe someone should make me understand them better.

Its obvious that these Governors are only out to satisfy their pecuniary and selfish interest not minding the retardation the grass root level and its masses have suffered over the years.

I want to urge our State Houses of Assembly to do the right thing in the interest of Nigeria and refuse to be influenced by those myopic minded state Governors when the batton of constitutional amendment is passed on to them from the national assembly. The National assembly on its on part should also not let Nigerians down when its conference/joint committee seats to harmonise the interest of the upper and lower chambers.

Aye! To local government autonomy.

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