At this point in time the producers at Jagex are happy with the result

Even though the development has taken a while, the reasoning behind it is understandable. After the announcement Jagex turned to look for new employees to help them create this version of the game, rebuild a part of the office to create a space for the mobile team to work and then start developmen. Creating a game that should be exactly the same experience as it is on PC.

At this point in time the producers at Jagex are happy with the result. More than 500.000 people in Canada downloaded the open beta, which gave them tons of feedback to enhance the game even more and with the addition of the Nordic region comes the next step. Jagex wants to do right by their players even though they have been anxious to play for months now. "When we showed the game at Runefest players told us they were satisfied and they wanted to get it on their phone right there and then. We didn't think it was time, there were more iterations to be done. Of course, those opinions spread to the internet and everyone thought the game was ready to come out," Colgrave explained. Since then they changed all the features I mentioned above. The yellow marker, the menu's and the fluency of the game.

As for my experience I can promise the fans of Old School Runescape that they want to get their hands on this once the time comes. The game plays really well with your fingers and the new options they added work really well for the mobile version. I got a good nostalgia trip out of my experience, the only thing I'm not agreeing completely with is the fact that membership is required to play. I can only imagine how many people would come back to play, if they heard they could get the full experience on mobile, for free. On the other side, 500.000 people in the first test alone is enough to create some longevity for the game, even with membership.

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