At the same time they present us with news

The time is upon us once again for a new update to Rocket League Keys  everyone’s favorite soccer-car hybrid. It’s minor overall, but fixes and improves some noteworthy problems brought about by the new Dropshot game mode. You can view the full 1.32 patch notes below. Noteworthy technical hiccup problems are prominently touched upon thanks to the introduction of the new map, mode, and loading screens.

Psyonix has released a new video summarizing all the news of one of the most important updates in the already long history of 'Rocket League', which will add the tournaments to the game on 3 April. With this update, which has already been in beta phase in Steam, players will be allowed to participate in highly customizable tournaments where we can choose which maps will rotate, if we want to activate mutators and many more options.

During the video published by the studio you can see how the different departments of the same test the new tournament system making teams to face each other. At the same time they present us with news that will come with this update as the possibility of exchanging customizable quantities of cosmetic objects.

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