The Dark Knight is one of the many different classes you can play as in MapleStory M. Thriving on physical attacks, this class has some incredible defense along with some powerful attacks that do drain your HP. Interestingly enough, this job also comes with some support skills that are definitely handy when in a party. That being said, if you’re looking for a great way to  MapleStory M Mesos customize your character, Ayumilove has shared a great Dark Knight build in Maple Story M.

Early on in your career as a Dark Knight, place one point in Slash Blast and three points in War Leap. As you level up, max out the following skills in order: War Leap, Slash Blast, Warrior Mastery, Iron Body. Upon unlocking the second-tier Dark Knight skills in MapleStory M, invest a point in Spear Sweep, Piercing Drive, and two points under Weapon Mastery. From there, bring up Weapon Mastery to level five and Weapon Booster to level six. After that, max out Weapon Mastery, Physical Training, Weapon Booster, Piercing Drive, Spear Sweep, Final Attack, Hyper Body, and Iron Will in MapleStory M.

Moving on to the third-tier Dark Knight skills in MapleStory M, you want to invest one skill point on Rush, La Mancha Spear, and Lord of Darkness before maxing out the following in order: Lord of Darkness, Cross Surge, Hex of the Evil Eye, La Mancha Spear, Rush, Evil Eye Shock, and Endure while leaving Evil Eye of Domination at level 4

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