A pitiful situation craves not lackadaisical approaches but drastic
and efficacious measures. Solid and the masses oriented plans to arrest
the Nigerian problems are all around every corners but whose government
is prepared to run at loss? In my country, politicians believe been at
the helm of government affairs is a lifetime opportunity to amass
illegal fortune. Illegal money would soon diminish they say, but in
Nigeria this is defied!

These political vampires fart on Nigeria and manipulate the economy health in broad daylight. Once their far away reservoirs of money read enough, they destroy the ladder meant for
the next man to climb to the top; after all an umbrella is meant for
only a few persons! We need a strong and long broom to sweep clean and
a big polish to shine Nigeria. Who shall the masses send? Anyway, as
usual let’s just keep hoping things would get better very soon because
that’s what keeps Nigeria alive; we keep hope alive. GOD WE NEED YOU

Yes it’s October 1st and we’re celebrating independence! Oh yeah, it’s true we don’t depend on other countries to learn corrupt practices and madness; so I say we celebrate!

I have never seen a situation whereby someone smiles to the bank as he makes plans for a funeral. That is the situation that has met my time
here in Nigeria. Spending outrageous amounts of money to celebrate a
failing state!

Indeed Nigerian politics provides me with a lot of STORIES THAT TOUCH my children would hear

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