As early as last summer, Mu Shuai hoped to sign Pericic, but Inter Milan has been reluctant to let go, Manchester United was forced to introduce Sanchez in January, which further reduced the number of minutes played by Martial.

During this summer's warm-up match, Martial was also angry because of  FIFA 19 Coins his girlfriend's production, regardless of Manchester United's lack of soldiers and insisted on flying back to European companionship. Afterwards, Manchester United also imposed a fine on Martial. After the start of the new season, Martial only played two Premier League games, rumored that his relationship with Mourinho is also very subtle.

To this end, there is news that Marshall hopes to leave Manchester United in the second half of the season, to join Inter Milan as a rental, and Inter Milan is also very interested in this rental, although they have now rented Senegal striker Keeta of Monaco, and can At the end of the season, buy out at 26.6 million pounds.

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