While we do everything to put our name in the good book within the global community, after the great damage done to us all by Mutallab. We must also learn lessons from the the way the Americans and the entire world responded to that attempted inhuman act, which shows value for human lives. Talking about terrorism, must one go to Yemen and Afganistan for training or carry loads of explosives waiting to be detonated in an airline or other public places to be classified as terorrist? How can one describe the act of terror that innocent Nigerians face in the hands of the people mandated by the constitution of our country to protect lives and properties? Are we not tired of the same stories of " the police shooting and killing innocent citizens" many of whom are bread winners with dependants, children and wivies? What have the authorities done and what are they doing to put an end to this ugly act of terror? If the situation is not checked, it means that Nigerians paying taxes willingly contribute to buying the guns that will someday sniff the life out them or their love ones by a triger happy fellow in a police uniform. Killing innocent people you are meant to protect is worst than any act of terrorism we can ever imagine.

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Comment by UWADIA OROBOSA on January 11, 2010 at 3:02pm

Thanks for this piece, it has always been happening unfortunately the law is not there to protect its citizen and what the young man did the other day as observed is happening even in our local scene. Many has been sent to their early graves by these so call men in uniform after a week or days the case has been made to rest.

This is man inhumanity to man, even more than a terrorist act and the law is there but will not persecute the offenders. The only thing i will keep praying about is God's divine protection until he comes to take his place.


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