Arbrog again had three consecutive angel hits

In the first game, Calhoun's hit and Upton's blessing allowed the angels to  Cheap MLB18 Stubs  capture the 1st and 2nd bases. Unfortunately, the flying ball in the direction of Puhousi's middle and outer field was killed. After the first game, Duffy knocked out the hit and Robertson knocked out the double kill. hit. In the second game, Albrog took over Steineck's pitcher and cast a three-and-a-half game in the second game. In the second game, Jack Bowers knocked out the Yangchun cannon to break the deadlock.

In the third game, Arbrog again had three consecutive angel hits. In the third game, the two long players of Smith and Kilmere scored another point. Robertson used the wilderge to send back to his teammates to rewrite the score to 3 0. In the fourth game, Trout's second base attack scored a point. Puhousi's hits broke the team's scoring drought. After Cowat touched the ball, Brisio wasted a scoring opportunity.

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