Apostle Johnson Suleman Says Nigeria Will Not Recover In One Year

The founder and general oversea, of The Omega Fire Ministry Apostle Johnson Suleman warns the DSS and the Nigeria government that if he stays a day in the detention, that nigeria will suffer it for one year. This statement came as a result of the DSS was trying to pursue their way through to arrest him at his hotel room at Ekiti State Nigeria. 

We gathered that the DSS was trying to pursue their way into his hotel room and arrest him because he condemns the southern Kaduna killing. in this regard the DSS said that they want to arrest him for preaching violence and that is why they want to  Ekiti state and try to arrest him. this would have been possible if not the intervention of the Ekiti State Governor, Governor Ayo Fayosa who drove to the hotel room and force his way into the scenario and rescue the him, put Apostle Johnson Suleman into his car and drove off.

In the interview with Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministry, he said that he have over half a million followers and and his churches is in over 24 country, he warns the DSS that if he spend a day at detention, that Nigeria will not recover in one year. This statement was said at the Ekiti State government house when the Governor of the state took him to the government house [READ MORE]

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