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AOL desktop Gold is one of the best desktop software that has helped many users to get a comfortable working experience which other software is not able to provide.  The AOL Gold software is handy because they have a better and secured UI. You will have to pass through the double security check procedure which is a part of their regular security check. They have improvised the practices of mailing and using their desktop. But what if your AOL Desktop Gold’s icon gets missing? You might have no clue as to how you can fix this problem. Icon getting disappeared is one of the most common issue these days. Even after they have successfully downloaded the software and installed it.


Now let’s see what all things are the reasons that cause this problem and how can this be eradicated for good. Here are a few reasons that can possibly be holding this problem in your desktop:

  • Bad network connection
  • The system you are using and the software installed might not be compatible.
  • This can also be a glitch that is causing the icon to disappear.
  • One of the most prominent reasons can be the virus infecting your desktop. There is a various virus on the internet that has the tendency to multiply infecting the files and corrupting them from the inside. So to prevent your desktop gold put a good antivirus in your device.


Now to troubleshoot this problem, you can follow these steps and make things fine again:

  • You have to right click on the desktop screen and simply select the view option. From there a sub menu will open and you will have to select show desktop icons.
  • Once done press F5 to refresh the computer.
  • In case if you find nothing happening just restart the computer once.
  • If you have already selected the “Show desktop icons” then search for the AOL desktop Gold icon.
  • Whatever antivirus you must be using, run a full pc scan and eliminated all the malware and virus that are detected.
  • While doing everything that possible, if you still haven’t succeeded then check your network status. Sometimes it also happens when you are connected to a network that is slow.


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If you are able to successfully completed the diagnose, well and good, if not, just contact the expert and let them know about your problem of AOL desktop icon missing.


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