Andrews is a horrible red zone killer

From what aspect, Andrews is a horrible red zone killer. Andrews's 4.67-second sprint looks nothing like yesterday's Gesitzky, but in fact, this year's all-inclusive near-fingers can also be ranked second. This speed coupled with the huge size is enough to make him a nightmare for defenders in the catch attack. Height, wingspan and body control allowed him to receive the ball from any direction. In the process of catching the ball, even if they can not get rid of each other, they can use the physical advantage to win the confrontation. At the same time, Andrews has a strong sense of Madden Coins balance to ensure that he is not easily pulled down after the ball is completed.

The experience of a high school wide receiver allowed Andrews to excel in catching the ball: his catch on the ball was excellent and he was always good at judging the lane. His hands were always able to reach the ball in advance. In the face of regional defense, Andrews can spiritually find each other's weaknesses. When the quarterback can't find the goal, Andrews will quickly adjust the route or run back to help the quarterback complete the pass. In the end, Andrews rarely dropped the ball. In the 3 years of college, he only dropped the ball 3 times.

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