And not yet returning to the best of last season

“Everyone knows that we still have a lot of work to FUT 19 Coins do. When you win 4 games, it sounds great, but it’s still only part of the warm-up before the season, because we’ve weathered a summer vacation. From 9 Starting in mid-March, we have a game every three days, so we should start working now, because our current status is not 100%."

And not yet returning to the best of last season, of course, including Liverpool's number one striker Salah, Klopp is not worried about this: "This is completely normal, they will return to the peak state." Because Liverpool in the league Cup and Champions League poorly signed, from the 15th of September to October 7th, Liverpool will play 7 games in the Champions League, League and League Cup, including 6 opponents, including Chelsea, Liverpool Paris, Tottenham and Naples, this is also the most worrying issue for Klopp.

Weinaldum, who did not participate in the World Cup this summer and entered the preparations in advance, pointed out that the training of the team is very strong now: "There is still the feeling of warming up before the season. We know that the training class will be very difficult and the competition is very big. But I think that will make us stronger, whether it is for the team or individual players, you have to compete with your teammates"

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