Anambra Youth Reform [AYR] in Netherlands.

Anambra Youth Reform [AYR] in Netherlands caution Washington and Western world against treating Nigerians as potential terrorists in their airport or in their countries because of Abdulmutallab action, Nigerians are nice people to meet. No Nigerians both home and abroad is in support of what Mutallab wanted to do and that is why Anambra Youth Reform[AYR]in Netherlands are saying that the act of an individual should not be used as a parameter for dealing with others who are legally living and doing businesses out side the country.
Nigerians living in Netherlands are surprise to hear that Mutallab was on transit on our schippol airport, Netherlands is a peaceful country that love Nigerians and other nationality living in the country. We thank the government of Netherlands for knowing that Nigerians is not a terrorists. We are peace loving people, we condemn the aborted terror attack in its entirety, we are worried, because alots of Nigerians living in other countries are complaining about the inproper treatment being received since 25Th Dec, 2009. We call on the international community, in particular the USA, to exercise patenice with Nigerians and went into investigation first and know why it happen. AYR believe terrorist is not in our character and also appreciate the proactive step so far taken by the government of Nigeria but they should go beyond that by ensuring that innocent and law abiding Nigerians are not molested or subjected to inhuman treatment in their countries of residence or airport. Publicity Sec.[AYR] Obi Ochije Amsterdam.

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Comment by Ekene on January 16, 2010 at 11:53am
Dear AYR,
My name is Ekene i hail from Anambra state, i am happy that groups are speaking out against this dastardly act agianst Nigeria by America owing to the fact that the father of the boy already alerted them and their security systems are porouse same situation preceeding September 11, but asides that what are our leaders doing to launder the dirty image being painted about us, on Nigerian web radio i was listening to our senators argue on the listing of Nigeria as one of the terrorist sponsoring Nations but at the end of the day what will come out of it. Does Nigeria not have a diplomatic representation in the USA? or is our foreign affairs Minister asleep? it is comon knowledge that getting into a Nigerian embassy abroad just to get identified is impossible, i work in Suda and was beckoned by the Kenyan ambassador to Sudan to pay a visit to our own ambassador but when i tried i was refused entry and even embarrased, one good thing i love about the Sudanese is that you do not mess with one Sudanese no matter how lowly placed in society and any move by the western world to stain their image or that of their president they voice out and resist imidiately. The question is, where are our leaders? and instead of fighting such pronouncements by the US we should look inwards and reposition ourselves because we still are the GIANT OF AFRICA.

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