Anambra Youth Reform [AYR] in Netherlands.

Anambra Youth Reform [AYR] in Netherlands, is non- political organization, is a group of Anambra State citizens living in Netherlands, who have so much interest in the issue at home, is a progressives youths group, we know one day, we will come back home, to help and develop the State.
The group, has been in the leading front in Netherlands, to let the European Union and international community know that Nigeria and Anambra State need true democracy.
Our position in Anambra issue. give us free and fair election in 2010 first, our aim is to make sure that the vote of the electorates count in 2010 election, who win the election know that this is new face of Anambra State. We are not attacking any person but to fashion a way forward for the State and ready to work with any person that win the election for the interest of our children's.
The people should be allowed to choose who they want to be their governor come 2010 from candidacy of these great son"s and daughter"s of Anambra State, is a welcome development and I wish them the best of luck as they bid for the mandate of Anambra electorates. Publicity Sec. Obi Ochije Amsterdam.

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