Anambra Poll - Expect Hitch- Free Election.

The Awka Development Union of Nigeria (ADUN) based in the Netherlands predicted that the February 6, 2010 governorship election billed for Anambra State will be hitch-free.

Speaking from Netherlands, the group’s chairman Mr Obi Ochije said with the wide publicity the election has received it would be difficult for anyone to rig “Anambra is going to witness the best election ever held in Nigeria.

With all that is going on, rigging will be difficult. We believe that none of the candidate is ready to smear his or her name all in the name of do-or-die. They are all aware that the people are now conscious of their rights. This time the people will make their choice,” he said.

He lauded the Governor Peter Obi-led government, saying he has done so much that he deserves a second term. “More as we want Peter Obi to continue in office, the coming election is presenting for the first time candidates that are capable to take the state to the next level. They are all good and they all mean well for the state, but only one person will get that chance to lead the state, and that choice rests with the people of Anambra State,” he added.

He called on all to come out en masse to cast their vote, as according to him, “every vote counts.”
He also urged all the candidates to embrace peace and accept defeat once a winner emerges in the election. “We should take a cue from the Western world and the way they practise democracy. Once one person is announced as winner, others rally round him and offer their congratulation.

This is the only way a country can progress, not by going to court for ever. There must be winners and losers in elections. We cannot afford to take the state back because of our selfish ambitions and needs. It is time for the Anambra people to start reaping the benefits of democracy,” he said.

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Comment by basil obodozie on February 2, 2010 at 7:14pm
i think we should all forget about anambre state election, because does people we rig the election

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