Anambra Lesbian, Ebele Onochie, Arrested for St!bbing her Married Partner’s Husband to De!th

A lesbian girl, Ebele Onochie, has been arrested by the police in Anambra State for allegedly k#lling her married partner’s husband, the incident happened on the 9th of August 2022. It was gathered that Ebele Onochie killed her partner’s husband, Ikechukwu Onuma in Anambra state Onitsha, during an argument attacked stabbed the man who later bled to death.

The deceased, was later identified as Ikechukwu Onuma aka Ayaaya Onye-Obodo. According to an eyewitness and a resident of the area, Ikechukwu walked in on her and his wife making out in his house in ...

Details of the sad incident are still stretchy, but according to reports, Ikechukwu came home unexpectedly and met his wife making out with her lesbian partner, an argument ensued and in the heat of the moment, the suspect [email protected] him to [email protected]

After the death of Ikechukwu Onumam, the suspect, Ebele Onochie was arrested alongside her lesbain partner, the wife of the deceased. While noting that same sex is a crime and illegal in Nigeria, several netizens blamed the girl for having a affair with a married woman.



They also noted that despite how she wanted to be addressed, the girl who is now in police custody isn’t helping her case by killing the husband of someone she wasn’t supposed to be with in the first place.

In another episode, we dissected and analyzed the real reason behind this act. Whether it was a planned and deliberate act, or an accident indeed. Read the analysis here

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