Mysti - Ability to summon powerful elf companions, proficient in multiple healing and attacking spells.

Positioning: Healer, DPS

Career Declaration: Elemental elves are everywhere, sometimes gentle, sometimes raging, mastering them, they master the whole world.

Professional comprehensive ability: attack ★ ★ / treatment ★ ★ ★ ★ / auxiliary ★ ★ ★ ★ / difficulty ★ ★

Professional features: Elements can use the power of elements to heal friendly forces, weaken enemies, and summon elves to help fight. With a variety of attacks and treatments, you can respond flexibly to a variety of occasions.

Class introduction:

The positioning of the Mysti is regarded as a supplementary occupation with a small amount of attack ability. It can use the healing and resurrection ability similar to the priest. The special element is that the element can directly produce the "red ball" that restores HP and the "blue ball" that restores MP. This kind of blood-filling method that requires the player to recover on his own will not produce hatred, and is one of the biggest features of the element.

In single player battle:

The Mysti make it possible to summon the elves to assist in their single battles, so they are rarely attacked when faced with a single monster, but when faced with a medium-sized elite, you need to be careful not to be knocked down, because the fragile cloth is difficult to withstand a few strange attacks of the elite. Buy Tera Items from MMOAH and get a set of batter equipment is a good choice.

In team battle:

In the copy, the element is used as an auxiliary DPS to participate in the battle. Before the BOSS, a certain number of red and blue balls can be laid on the ground, so that the tank can use the taunting skills without worrying about the consumption of the MP, without risking being attacked when using ordinary attacks to restore MP. The Mysti also eliminates the opponent's buff, and also has the ability to move instantly and increase the speed of movement. These skills allow the element to surpass Priest in survivability.

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