An afternoon on the Ore-Sagamu Expressway

An afternoon on the Benin-Ore-Sagamu Expressway will make you tear your voters card and begin to pray to God to come down and rule Nigeria, or bring the colonialists back......This a road where Diezani Alison-Madueke shed crocodile tears, a road that caused Mr Ogiemwonyi rhe then Minister of Works to be chased out of the Oba of Benin's palace, a road that is a critical link from the South South to Lagos. A road that continues to gulp Trillions of Naira. And what you find is the award of the contracts to fake unknown contractors year in year out. If Julius Berger is contracted as you find in Abuja, we may find better quality and long lasting infrastructure on that road. Yet it has become a cash cow for several directors in the Ministry of works.....We need the PHCN tsunami to hit that ministry of works.....we pray it hits FERMA and I believe its high time the ORE indigenes and environs stage a civil action and demonstration on that road, close it down and get the federal government to own up to its carelessness. Bridges, Runways and multi laned highways are being built in Abuja a city where its face value is dependent on the cash from the niger delta, yet this critical highway will never see the light of day just because it continues to be a road that must be kept in perpetual disrepair so that the officials of the federal ministry of works will have a source of income to continue to send their children abroad to school. It is revenue earner for the directors and officials, but I can assure them that all the cars which get damaged there, all the souls which have died there due to accidents and robbery attackes, will forever hunt their childrens progress if they they dont repent and do the right sad

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Comment by Ihekweaba Mcdonald on August 15, 2011 at 3:19pm
I never knew that someone out there has the same feeling with me about the present condition of our federal roads.Just loot at the deplorable conditions of Portharcourt-Enugu Expressway, Ihiala to Onitsha, Aba-Ikot ekpene roads, just to mention a few.I thank the Government for a road well constructed by Julius Berger, from Owerri to the area they stopped is smooth and solid.That is the standard of road we need in all our federal roads.Infact, the Government would have allowed JULIUS BERGER to finish the entire road leading to Onitsha and Lagos because the lifes and Money the masses have lost on these roads by hoodlums and accident are immesurable.Please, the Federal Government should come and arrest these problem.We don't know who is going to be the next victim on these roads.

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