What is this world turning into? That the American Embassy in Nigeria issued visa to 20 players and 9 officials of the Nigerian football federation for a tournament that never existed needs to be re-examined.

America is shouting to the whole world about transperency and corruption but will allow this kind of act happen right there in their embassy is something people like minds should ask if they are doing what they are really preaching.

It is obvious that for an embassy to issue a travelling visa either for a tourist, business visit, it should ascertain the geniuness of such trip. But to say that American embassy of all people issued and such trip means we cant trust anyone when money is involved. Therefore, i ask the foreign ministry of the United States of America to investigate without delay and bring to justice everyone that has participated in this hoax if they want the world to take them serious in their claimed fight on corruption.

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Comment by GAVIN BOND on March 8, 2011 at 3:19pm

My brother, do you want to know the truth about the western world? You need to get yourself a copy of "Shine Your Eyes Mama Africa: memoir of an enlightened African" Why do you think they say the white man speaks with a fork tongue? From the Bible to the Koran, they have lied to us right from the outset of their journey to make us inferior in any which way! Even the so called DEMOCRACY you people are always shouting about is an INSTRUMENT to DIVIDE OUR PEOPLES; who are already divided on tribal lines and cultures. Our politicians cannot see it because they are ignorant and blinded by the wealth they can make in that arena.


My dear brother, Religions and Politics are INDUSTRIES. They create jobs, deceive the people, make money, and then corrupt the wholesome; you must shine your eyes brothers and sisters eyes!

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