America Must Break With Israel; As Good & Just Middle East Policy

America Must Break With Israel; As Good & Just Middle East Policy
Written by Paul I. Adujie

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled, or expected, to meet with President Obama in the White House this week, in fact, in a matter of days.

Even before the expected meeting, Mr. Netanyahu has already arrogated to himself and set out broad outlines or layouts of what amounts to preconditions.

In his view, there are a broad swat of non-negotiable, non-discussable items. It does take some temerity, nerve and overconfidence on his part, as always!

Mr. Netanyahu’s attitude and pronouncements does raise the question as to which other nation or political leader would set preconditions for America this way?

The world will be watching to see if the rules of engagement would be the same, despite the so-called Arab Spring and despite the demise of Osama Bin Laden

It is hoped that, at minimum, the government of the United States will have the courage to inform Mr. Netanyahu that there is a new era, and a new day in the world, particularly in the Middle East.

And that it is crucial to formulate and fashion new relationships with Israel’s neighbors predicated upon negotiated peace, real and lasting peace.

Israel has for far too long been complacent and relied wholly or partly on her military might and or her safety insured and guaranteed by the United States of America

President Obama must inform Prime Minister Netanyahu that peace with Israel’s neighbors is in Israel’s best interests, and as a consequence, it will no longer be business as usual, in which there is so much loud talks about Peace-Talks, when in fact there are no peace-making between Israel and Palestine

It is hoped that the United States will have the backbone to pointedly inform Mr. Netanyahu of a paradigm shift in the aftermath of the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the unfolding Arab Spring

The United States of America is a democracy. A government of the people by the people for the people! It is often said that a nation deserves a form government it deserves, all things being equal, even though things are hardly ever equal anywhere!

The people of the United States therefore, can be said to deserve the governments or various administrations which are chosen by the people of the United States. The domestic and foreign policies of any American administration are pursued in the name of the people and for the benefit of the people

It is the case that Americans are for the most part, fair minded and just people. It is also the case however, that a majority of the American people have very short attention span, particularly in the foreign policy arena.

Consequently, many unreasonable, unjust and even counterproductive foreign policies are pursued in the name of the American people, by various administrations, through lies and deliberate obfuscations intended to confuse the American public.

It is strongly believed that were the American public truly aware and conversant with certain policies and their effects, impacts and implications, say in the Middle East, fair minded Americans will opposed such policies vehemently, vigorously and in the most robust manner.

Myriad group and corporate interests, through lobby and campaign contributions to political parties and candidates, ensure that issues are narrowly defined and nuanced, which in the end protect such narrow group or corporate interests, at the expense of the American people.

Too often, wrong headed domestic and or foreign policies are shaped not by the American people, but rather by parochial groups and or corporate interests. And too often, these wrong headed policies require sacrifices, by way of blood and treasure, on the part of the American people in whose name these policies are ostensibly supposed to be please or benefit; And too often, the contrary is the case, the Americans are not pleased or benefited.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq and lax regulations which led to economic debacle are cases in in point. And the continuing lopsided and unreasoned support of Israel by each and every government of the United States is the best example in this regard

American Middle Eastern policy is modulated by an unflinching and unyielding support for Israel under any and every circumstances. And this has lead to no love lost between America, Arabs, Persians and for that matter, the so-called Muslim world.

As a matter of fact, one does not have to be a Muslim or an adherent of the Islamic faith, to observe and discern the regularity with which the United States protects and defends Israel at every turn and at every forum, particularly, at the United Nations, regardless of how egregious the government of Israel behaves!

America’s wrongheaded policies in the Middle East and her relationship with sundry dictators, tyrants, authoritarian and archaic monarchies in the region is dictated by her relationship with Israel, desire for Middle East oil flow and to some extent, geopolitical strategic interests

In view of the foregoing, it rather shocking that Mr. Netanyahu and his government have not realized that times-are-a-changing? And instead of being amenable to peace in light of new dynamics and reality in the Middle East, he is setting preconditions out of arrogance or overconfidence?

How Come? And How be it, that Prime Minister Netanyahu is able to set preconditions for the United States perennially and every time, why

1. Why does Binyamin Netanyahu pretend to have veto power over whether or not there are reconciliations between HAMAS & FATAH?

2. Why does Mr. Netanyahu pretend to have veto power over the right of self determination of the people of Palestine?

3. Why does Mr. Netanyahu pretend that he can tell the United Nations what to do?

4. Why does Mr. Netanyahu want to perpetuate occupation or colonialism against Palestine?

The answers to all four questions above is found in American lopsided support for Israel... which is the source and major factor in the animosity towards the United States from Arabs, Middle Easterners and the so-called Muslim World.

When there are reactions or anger towards the United States as a consequence of her myopic-parochial Middle East policy, some wonder why the anger or animosity towards America.

But here we go again!

Mr. Netanyahu is about to literally dictate the pace and tenor of American Middle East policy and if this happens, the anger, the disdain and ire of those negatively impacted by it, would be directed at America of course!

All through this so-called Arab Spring, statements and public pronouncements by public officials in Israel gave the impression that Israel leaders have preference for dictators and tyrants or puppets in the Middle East who are not accountable to their own people.

Israel, instead of supporting the Arab Spring for democratization, Israel made statements which portrayed it as being only self interested in the false security, false stability imbued in dictatorships in the Middle East for far too long. This is laid bare, after decades of the now seeming farce, that the reason to support Israel, is because she is the only democracy in the region.

But why the reluctance or even aversion now for democratization of the Middle East?

America continues to act as an enabler, facilitator and an unthinking supporter of Israel... even when Israel flouts numerous resolutions passed by the United Nations!

In the face of the so-called Arab Spring and in light of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, it is hoped that the United States will foist a paradigm shift on matters Middle Eastern...

The United States must demand and insist that Israel behaves itself regarding Jewish Settlement expansions in Palestinian territories which have been occupied for far too long by Israel, and above all this, America must demand that Israel stops or get over own unnecessary intransigence and learn to live with an independent nation-state of Palestine

Mr. Netanyahu currently, as in the past, merely repeating a regurgitation of "No One to Negotiate Peace With in Palestine" when it is the case that his intransigence and untenable preconditions have made meaningful negotiations impossible. After all, it the late Prime Minister Rabin of Israel, who once said that you do not negotiate peace with your friends, but, with those whom you disagree.

America should stop giving winks and nods to Israel... or be seen as a dishonest peace-broker with biases. America must discourage Mr. Netanyahu's arrogance, otherwise, onlookers will conclude that America is in connivance, collusion and complicity with Israel.

America cannot be seen as an honest broker if unable to be fair and just between the parties. America is seen as duplicitous for continuing to support Israel no matter how unreasonable or illogical the circumstances!

Only this week, The New York Times reported that “Sunday’s protests, involving thousands of Palestinians who live in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank” took place simultaneously against Israel to bemoan the occupation of Palestine by Israel and their long sufferings in the hands of Israel. Israel reacted by mowing down 12 Palestinians!

Why should Palestinians who are peacefully protesting be killed by Israel and nobody raises an eyebrow or bat a lid? These protests were televised for the whole world to see, they were peaceful protests and it was not as if these protesters were armed or threatening or had Rifle Propelled Grenades, why kill them, then?

Palestinians who demonstrated on Sunday were peaceful and unarmed, nonetheless, 12 of them were killed needlessly as if Israel was engaged in swathing desert flies.

Israel knows that there would be no criticisms from anywhere, not even at the United Nations, the United States guarantees Israel protection from the prying eyes, ears and pronouncements of the United Nations. As far as the UN is concerned, regarding Israel, it is, see-no-evil, hear-no-evil and mouth-no-criticism

In January 2009, Israel military actions led to the deaths of over 1400 Palestinians in one full swoop. And on Sunday May 15, 2011 12 Palestinians peacefully protesting against Israel, met their untimely death in the hands of Israeli troops.

And in all of this, no one is talking about war crimes. Where is José Luis Moreno Ocampo Esq. of the International Criminal Court, ICC, when you need him? ICC seems quite selective in it’s cherry pickings!

And where is a NATO No Fly Zone for Palestine?

Or is it just me? Or everyone can see these exceedingly glaring hypocrisies and double standards?

There is a new opportunity for lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. There is a brand new opportunity for American leadership in this regard. America must act as an honest peace broker

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