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There are lots of small scale business ideas in Nigeria, and they all require a little money to begin. In that case, you no longer need to worry about a lack of capital.

One of the reasons many shy away from starting their dream business is often lack of capital and fear of failure. If you can destroy these two monstrous entities, you’re on your way to greatness.

In case you’re wondering which business to start, especially now that coronavirus lockdown is easing down, you’re on the right page.

The first step to starting a business is often the hardest. But when you take that step, it means you have defected fear.

When such happens, the sky becomes your starting point. The potentials you carry in business are tremendous; never allow fear or doubt to steal that potential.

What Is A Small Scale Business?

Simply defined, they are a privately owned corporation characterized by a small number of employees and low revenue.

Many giant corporations started as a small business and were able to grow given the time. For instance, Facebook started in a dormitory.

Today, Mark is one of the wealthiest persons in the world. Never be afraid to start small, as starting small can be a pace for something big.

Like the saying goes: Start small, but think big!

Small Scale Business Ideas

1. POS Business

POS Business

With at least #100,000, you can start a POS Business here in Nigeria and make so much money. There is no limitation, as you don’t need any technical skills to begin.

POS business is one of the small scale business ideas that you can start alongside any other business idea. You can run it with a phone repair business, computer or cyber café business.

Top players in the business earn over #20,000 profits in a week, depending on location. To begin, visit your bank and inquire about the POS business.

They will give you all the paper works you need. You can take it on a lease or pay upfront. Whichever options that seem helpful.

2. Laundry Business

Laundry Business

Many people have degraded this small scale business idea for reasons best known to them. But beyond that, this business is lucrative.

Since many prospective entrepreneurs shy away from this sort of business, it has made competition low.

That means your chance of eating a massive pie in the business is feasible. However, you need a good location if you must succeed.

If you already have a shop, all you need to start this business is #150,000, sometimes lower.

Going by your budget, you can decide to get the most critical equipment and forgo the rest for later times.

Never be afraid to start as small as possible, knowing that your dream is big and unstoppable. A laundry business in a buzzing residential area will make you a millionaire.

3. Mini Importation Business

Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

You probably have been hearing about this business for years, but too afraid to take an interest. If you’re a new reader in this blog, then you should know that this business changed my life.

I wrote a comprehensive article on how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria. If you’re fascinated with small scale business ideas such as this, you will find the article helpful.

It is easy to start and doesn’t require much capital. The fact is, it could be the only business on this page with the lowest startup capital.

I started a mini importation business with #5,000. When I sold my first product and saw how easy it was, I invested #20,000.

Gradually, it blew up!

Starting small doesn’t mean you need to remain low. It is merely a way of getting ready for the big giant corporation you always dream of.

4. Blogging


With #50,000, you can delve into the blogging business and make a lot of money sleeping.

I have been a blogger for five years now, and this career is what has been feeding, clothing, and sustaining me since my mother died, and my father retired.

Many people still think that blogging is dead, especially when they see how these mushroom entertainment bloggers behave.

Trust me when I say that blogging is very much alive. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second-best time is now.

The reason why many fail as bloggers is that they don’t have the right guide or mentor. I made that same mistake, which was the reason my success took time.

When you blog the right way, making $500 every month is possible in your first year. There are lots of bloggers in Nigeria, earning more than $5,000 monthly.

They are not lucky or smart. These gurus are just following the right blogging format. I have been able to guide many into this path, and today, they are their own boss.

To begin this path, what you need is my eBook on A – Z of Blogging. With this guide, you don’t need anything else.

5. Car Wash Business

car wash business on Small Scale Business Ideas

Another small scale business idea you should consider is the car washing business. You must not be the one washing the cars, as you can employ some group of boys to do that.

All you need to do is establish a car washstand, and you’re good to go. Getting a suitable place can be hard and expensive. But when gotten, you have nothing else to fear.

You can start a car wash business with #150,000 and grow to #1,000,000 worth of business within a year. Fascinating, right?

If you’ve never researched this business, you will never know how profitable this business is.

6. Daycare/Crèche Center Business

Daycare/Crèche Center Business on Small Scale Business Ideas

If you love kids a lot, then this business will appeal to you. It is among the small scale business ideas that you should follow with caution.

That is because it can cost you over a million to start if you don’t plan your budget. The most important thing needed in a daycare center is classrooms.

Two or three classrooms are enough, with a lot of toys, television, and snacks. If you’re in an area with lots of mothers, you might need to employ an extra hand to help you in business.

Children can be tormenting; which is why you need all the help you can get.

7. Hairdressing Business

hairdressing business on Small Scale Business Ideas

If you love playing with hair, perhaps your calling is in the hairdressing business. Gone are the days when this business was exclusively for the ladies.

Today, lots of young boys are in the game, making more money compared to the ladies. These guys are talented, and can even makeup and fix your lens or lashes.

With #100,000, starting this business is possible. However, you will need a good location for the sake of your customers.

After establishment, run a few marketing campaigns to create awareness for your business. Within a month or two, your bank account will be breathing adequately.

8. Photography


If you’ve been a fan of photography, the chances are that you can make money from this passion.

1. Mini Importation Business
2. Forex Trading
3. Treasury Bills
4. Fish Farming Business
5. Start Blogging
6. Vlogging
7. Social Media Influencer
8. Freelance Writing
9. Affiliate Marketing

If you need more ideas, check out this 100+ Business Ideas.

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