When it comes to breakfast and snacking- there is no better food option than the Granola bars. They have a lot of health benefits that cannot be over looked. Such benefits include weight loss attributes, low cholesterol and aiding digestion. 

Granola bars are mostly composed of rolled oats, honey, dried fruit, and energy boosters. This is good for early morning workout, breakfast and outdoor activities.

Nutritional Value of Granola

The health benefits are numerous and it's as a result of the composition of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients such as dietary fibers, sodium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, vitamin-E, vitamin-C, niacin, iron, and thiamin.

Benefits of Eating Granola

1. Cancer Prevention – granola bars have high contents of Manganese. Researchers have found a link between manganese and cancer deterrence. Manganese is a compound that contains a high level of antioxidants that can seek out by-products of cellular metabolism and free radical cells in the body thereby preventing them from mutating healthy cells into cancerous cells.

2. Increased Cognitive Reasoning – adding granola bars to your diet plan, helps to reduce high blood pressure this is because of its high potassium and low sodium content. These nutrients improve the oxygen and blood flow to the brain thereby increasing cognitive reasoning and the formation of neural pathways. This makes granola also a brain food.

3. Weight Loss -granola bars can be very useful in weight loss diets because they are very light and can fill the stomach without leaving you hungry. Granola bars contain very low cholesterol which prevents the plague of clogged arteries and veins that can eventually lead to heart diseases. They also stop the production of hormones "ghrelin" that make you feel hungry regularly.

4. Improved Energy Levels - granola bars contain healthy concentrated forms of energy that can strengthen the body without side-effects. They fill the body with manganese which is very good for the kidney and liver. Eating Granola bars during tedious activities like jogging, biking, climbing, stimulates the body tissues and ensures proper distribution of resources needed in the body.

5. Skin Care - granola bars contain the daily requirements of alpha-tocopherol popularly known as vitamin E. An essential compound that strengthens the capillary walls, prevents premature skin aging, increases the blood flow to the hairs and the nails for retaining their viability and also contributes to the healing of skin blemishes.

Granola bars can be very beneficial to both children and adults, with a need to have the full nutrients in their daily meals. Granola bars can also serve as weight loss diet that provides the adequate energy and strength to go through the day.

You can now buy your favorite Granola bar brands such as Nature Valley Online

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