Although Real Madrid has a lot of outstanding midfielders

If you can take over Manchester United, then Zidane may use one of these two formations. He needs to have two forwards play at the same time to allow Cavani and Lukaku to play, and in the midfield, three new aids, Cross, Tiago and J Ronaldo will start at the same time. The 4312 formation may be the most suitable formation for the Zidane tactical system, because it allows the three midfielders to play at the same time, while retaining Mati?'s main position .

Although Real Madrid has a lot of outstanding midfielders, the Brazilian international Kasemiro has become one of Real Madrid's most important players in the past few years. His excellent defensive ability has reduced the workload of his teammates, allowing them to focus on the offense. Since there are no real side players in the middle and frontcourt, this requires a full-back to Buy FIFA 19 Coins compensate for the lack of offensive width. Left-back Luke Shaw seems to be suitable for such a request, and Valencia is also a suitable choice, of course. After taking over Manchester United, Zidane’s transformation of this position is also reasonable.

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