However, there is no official date of the arrival of World of Warships to Xbox One and Playstation 4, so we will have to wait to learn new details about this new multiplayer proposal from the creators of World of Tanks.

Although it may seem late, it is never for these games that have offered an experience linked to a service. The case that concerns us now is War Thunder, the Gaijin Entertainment game, which confirmed its arrival on Xbox One a few months ago. Not only that, War Thunder will take advantage of War Thunder Golden Eagles the power of Xbox One X, where the potential of this hardware has been recorded. In fact, in a new interview made by wcctech to the CEO of Gaijin, Anton Yudintsev, it has been confirmed that Xbox One X will move War Thunder to 60fps, far surpassing the Playstation 4 Pro version, which does not exceed 30 fps at 1440p, and not at 4k.

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