ALFA ALFA - ENTERTAINMENT!!! Has the honour to present to your attention an exotic African music-group ALFA-ALFA



Ladies And Gentlemen!


    Has the honour to present to your attention an exotic African music-group ALFA-ALFA

       Alfa -Alfa is a music  group from Uganda living and studing in Ukraine.Alfa-Alfa is rich with African vocals and bright appearances of performances that give a sun cheerful music to the audience. Their creation is and clock-work Carribean melodies in a rhythm теchno-pop, and English-language music in style of disco 80’s,Pop,Rnb,Reggea and dance hits in the Russian language, and also favourite Ukrainian folk in dance pop-treatment. Folk-lore was in the repertoire of group still Alfa Alfa group divided into two collectives – Alfa Alfa and Chornobrivtsi. And vocalist of these two groups after disintegration suffered the changes. While  Chornobrivtsi style stayed accent reggea-music,  Alfa Alfa style changed to dance pop, disco pop. Michael and Becky – permanent guests of different musical festivals. On concerts directly socialize with the audience, drawing out people on a stage and waking up interest and delight at each. Public is led from  half-turn. These are professional, artists and believe in them selves. Bright stage costumes, exotic exterior and melodious dancing performers, provide 100% success and love of audience. Absolutely all concerts of  the group pass on a Hurra! and customers remain in admiration.

Short biography:

           In August, 2006 MOON -Records and Freestyle Artwork released the first album of the group «Rozpryagayte Hloptsi Konnie! ». It is the first album of the group written down and let out in Ukraine! The first releases were sold out for a month! At once after it, the managers of the group decided on a wave to organize the presentation of the album of the group in Kiev, inviting in partners of the largest Ukrainian searching internet system META. In one of the best photos-studios new artistic photos of the group which brightly exposes actor talent of the artists taken off. They are both romantically in love, or love-fever characters, or happy craze – the real professional models. To the second release of the album publicity posters will be released and a new colourful design of the cover will be developed.

       In January, 2007 the wide publicity campaign of the presentation of the album of the group, which with success took place on February, 7, 2007 in Kiev in a club called Sound Planet, everything begins in the internet. Reporting and interviews of the group on the TV channels will be on the news of the TV channel K1, in the program «Society Chronics» (anchorwomen Rolling Osadchaya) on the TV channel Tunis. The article in the magazine «Public People» in heading is printed «Evening-party of month». The 10 popular news and entertaining internet resources publish fast-reporting about the action. Declaring itself in Kiev show-business, the artists with enthusiasm will begin to create and write down new dance tracks in Pop, Rnb, Reggeaton, African-Lounge style with Caribbean melodies, working with the best arrangers.

       In concert appearances group Alfa -Alfa usually presents three parts – three performances. The first part-the dance Ukrainian folk songs in the Ukrainian cultural costumes.

The second part – African block, with folk African songs, dances, drums and African costumes. And the third part – twist, the expressive Disco pop used for setting fire in style of 80’s and, how surprisingly, newly-remixed dance super-hits From group Bonney-m, It doesn’t depend on different audiences, all audiences thank the artists from there soul for an eccentric show. This is the program for all tastes and for all ages


Contacts with the management of project:

Alfa-Alfa Entertainment,

моб. +38(066)191-31-97,




 e-mail:[email protected]

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