Alert From Alarm Card! Someone's Stealing Your Purse!

It is a fact that a lot of people have their purses Vert Shock  or their wallets stolen every single day. If you are one of the people who belong to this group, do not be ashamed of that. It is not your fault that someone had taken hold of your wallet or purse. And you sure had not been telling the whole world that your purse or wallet is up for grabs. Now if you had some kind of protection from thieves and robbers, you can be sure that whatever was taken away from you would still be with you right now. However, during that time, you still have not known about the Alarm Card. If you did, you may say that any thief or robber who may take an attempt at your purse or wallet may regret doing so.

So what is the alarm card exactly Well, see, this is a piece of electronics which is going to help you protect your purse or wallet or any of the valuable items you store in your bag or pocket. As its name suggests, it looks like any ordinary card. You may even think that it is just one of those cards that kids swap with each other. But this is more than that. This is going to help you protect those items that are valuable to you. The alarm card is a thin piece of card that may otherwise look ordinary but it can shriek really well if someone takes it out of your bag or purse. Yes. It is that sensitive. And when that shriek happens, all the people around you will surely be looking at where the sound is coming from. Now that will definitely scare off the thief or robber and they will not be able to run away with your valuables. A sensor that is very sensitive to light is what the alarm card has. So when it is taken out, the sensor is alerted of the light that is not able to make its way inside the purse or bag. Now when the sensor is alerted, it will then tell the micro speaker also on the card to wail in the form of loud beeps.

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