Akuku-Toru/Asari-Toru: why you must vote Dr. Dawari George

Akuku-Toru/Asari-Toru: why you must vote Dr. Dawari George


By Nwaorgu Faustinus


The name, Dr. Dawari George is no longer an uncommon name among the people of Akuku-Toru/Asari-Toru constituency. This may not be unconnected with the recent and present political activities which have been playing out prior to the April 2011 general elections.


Dr. Dawari, a former Rivers State Commissioner for Energy and Natural Resources cuts the picture of a change agent and people-oriented politician who has the need of the common man as well as the youth at the back of his mind. In one of his recent interviews, granted to a reporter of The News, Okafor Ofiebor, Dr. Dawari has this to say.


“My experience at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has shown me that there are fundamental problems in policy formulation in the oil and gas sector of the country’s economy. And based on the fact that my constituency is a major host to oil and gas exploration in Nigeria, I have this burning desire that if I am at the National Assembly, I can network with colleagues and effect a change in the existing laws for the oil and gas industry that can help in developing our people. I also saw at the Ministry of Energy that the existing laws do not take into cognisance the well-being of our people. I also saw that while there is so much hype about reforms in the sector, they have actually not been far-reaching enough to assuage the terrible conditions of our oil and gas-bearing communities. We feel that going to the National Assembly will afford us the opportunity to effect a change” he explained.


Having been involved in the advocacy of Non-Governmental Organizations and majored in Political Economy and Poverty Alleviation in his masters and PhD degrees, Dr. Dawari believes that democracy can play a great role in the rapid development of his constituency, his State and Nigeria. During his advocacy days as a member of an NGO, Dr. Dawari knew what it was like to be unemployed and poverty stricken.


According to him, “My studies have been on how democracy can influence rapid development. But relatively, the case has not been what we can appreciate because there is difference between theory and practice. Under our advocacy as NGOs we worked with the unemployed and we have met the grim reality of poverty.


I am of the view that having worked with the unemployed and met the grim reality of poverty, his election into the Federal House of Representative in the 2011 April polls will herald good tidings to his constituency, having known him as a man who puts his money where his mouth is. This is because he has been tested and tasted where he held both elective/appointment positions and will not renege on any of his campaign promises.


The Akuku-Toru/Asari-Toru constituency knows where their shoes pinches them, little wonder their delegates from PDP voted and elected him as their standard bearer for the House Representative during the party’s primary, held at ASALGA Secretariat on the 6th of  January, 2011, thereby defeating other contestants. No doubt, the delegates who elected Dr. Dawari nurse no negative idea or feeling about what he can do for his people as he has the pedigree, will, determination, credential and orientation to deliver on his campaign promises which will put smiles on the faces of Akuku-Toru/Asari-Toru inhabitants.


This is the reason they should vote and elect him, as it is usually said the proof of the pudding is actually in the eating. I believe Dr Dawari George will not disappoint his people but rather attract their sincere praises. Only time will reveal.


Nwaorgu Faustinus Chilee, writes from Igboetche, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Mobile: +2348035601312. Email: [email protected]










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