By Emmanuel Nicholas
The sudden sublime economy of Akwa Ibom State and political advancement of chief Dr Godswill Obot Akpabio CON the executive governor of the State have become the headac
PEERShe of his political peers both in Peoples Democratic Party and other Political parties across Nigeria .
When a leader is made popular by his strides of developing his land, he endears himself to the hearts of the masses, his elevation becomes more accelerated than the speed of lightening, as men do not fight hallucinating dreamers but vision carriers. Governor Akpabio has uncommonly transformed Akwa Ibom State with soft and hard infrastructures, making the State number one when it comes to quality of Infrastructures and the ICT up to date facilities in Nigeria.
One of the South South Governors once poured out his venom, borne out of his anger against Akpabio and his people, when his State won the oil Well suit , ‘’God punish Akwa Ibom State’’. Those were the words of an erratic and insolent Governor , This hatred is borne of the fact that the people of Akwa Ibom State were the slaves of some States in the South South and they were the highest oil producers and earners. Now the Akpabio led State is ahead of them , seeing their perceived slaves become masters is the cancer that is infecting the leaders of other States who are now fighting Chief Godswill Akpabio.
In the past two weeks since after Governor Akpabio was made Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party governors’ forum , there have been sponsored media blackmails against his image, and such are suspected to be funded from the cities of Port Harcourt, Lagos and Minna among others . Punch newspapers in the past two weeks alone has written over five damaging features about the prudent and human and material manager governor of Akwa Ibom State, painting him as thoughtless spender .
The current good governance tour team going round the entire country rated Akwa Ibom State the best when it comes to development indices , after seeing the uncommon reformation and transformation the State has witnessed. “We’ve been to Rivers, Lagos , Edo and fifteen other States, what we have seen here today is breath taking , I nearly avoided coming here because of thousands of petitions we have received about the insecurity of this State, but coming here has made me to uncover that it was all a sponsored rift , to blackmail against a performing governor, of a truth democracy is working in Nigeria” Those were words of the Speaker of the Pro-National Conference Organization, PRONACO, Veteran Olawale Okuniyi. He had further described it as worthy of emulation by other governors in Nigeria., while reviewing the multi-stakeholder Good Governance Tour to the South-South geo-political zone of Nigeria.
The governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria , Lamido Sanusi Lamido commends Akpabio for his “prudent management of resources” , which is why the State Government under his leadership has transformed the State with hard and soft infrastructures, that if all the governors in Nigeria could stop looting their resources and use the funds they receive and transform their various States as what Akpabio has done , Nigeria will become a developed nation in the comity of nations. As a reward for hard work, the Central Bank Of Nigeria had awarded Akpabio with the award of the best governor in Nigeria in terms of infrastructural and human development and empowerment.
The United States of America has also identified Akwa Ibom as a state to be studied closely, as a way of helping Nigeria rise from its current five per cent growth rate to about 20 per cent per annum in order to meet the vision 2020: 20 target. The US singled out Governor Godswill Akpabio for mention as a Nigerian leader that needs to be analysed for impact, owing to what they called his “impressive” performance in the South -South state. According to the document displayed on internet (guardian.co.uk), and entitled “US Embassy cables: US monitors China and its expanding role in Africa”, Akpabio was commended for infrastructure revolution and efforts in industrial development.
While the opposition elements are busy at home claiming that there was nothing in the state to celebrate, Johnnie Carson, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, at a meeting with members of the international oil community in Lagos on February 7, upheld the opinion that Akpabio was an “impressive governor”. According to the document, “Governor Godswill Akpabio was singled out as an impressive governor by Mark Ward (the managing director of Mobil Producing Nigeria). Akpabio has built up infrastructure and industrial development. He is one to watch”, Ward said.
The Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria had congratulated the Governor on his commitment to the provision of basic infrastructure in the state, noting that his tour around the state has opened his eyes to the emerging prospects in the areas of education, health-care delivery service, roads and e-library project. Mr Cooter, who said he was honoured by the reception accorded him by the state government noted that he was impressed by the rapid development in the state, commending Governor Akpabio for the total transformation of the state especially on the road network.
The Canadian Counselor, Alexandria Mackenzie equally said Nigeria and Canada share the values of good leadership, focus and determination which can move a country or an organization forward, saying that those values have defined the relationship between the two countries which Akpabio is exemplary driver in Akwa Ibom State. “I have seen the future of Nigeria in Akwa Ibom. The infrastructure - roads, schools and power supply are impressive. Indeed, Nigeria has impacted the geographical map of Africa. As a government, we consider Nigeria as a partner because of the bilateral relationship we have with the country”, Terrence said McCuley
The US Ambassador, who attributed the impressive improvements in the infrastructural development to the inspiration and dynamism of the Akpabio administration and prudent management of the State resources , added ‘We want to be active here because the government is indeed active” he concluded. If you say that someone is reckless in spending, you mean that he acts in a way which shows that he does not care about danger or the effect his behaviour will have on other people. Using this to describe Akpabio is of no bearing for a man who has been commended by the world powers and high institutions as being a prudent manager that has transformed the land he governs to the benefit of the people .
So where and when has Akpabio become a reckless spender as those who are afraid of his political ascension borne out of his tremendous development of Akwa Ibom State are sponsoring the media to label him so that his image could dwindle?. The duty of State government in Nigeria is not only saddled with the responsibility of developing our land alone but also to developing the people .
A Prado Jeep gift to Mrs Annie Macauley-Idibia was a duty as compelled by the law of the federal republic of Nigeria. Akpabio announced only one Prado to the Akwa Ibom born artiste but the press paraded both online and print media , that two Jeeps were given, a total pseudo just to blackmail Governor Akpabio. About two years ago Mr Babatunde Fashola , the lagos State Governor sponsored the wedding of Tinubu’s Son and also gave him a mansion worth over hundred million at one of the new housing estate yet, there was no press condemnation of this gesture.
Great leaders are role models and show integrity by being honest and doing what is right no matter the circumstances. Integrity is your willingness to do what is right even when you may not receive personal gain from it. It’s putting your own personal agenda aside for the greater good of the land and the people. Good leaders know that people need a leader who has integrity. Without it, people are missing a vital ingredient in their ability to perform and these are the vitamins that Governor Akpabio is bestowed with as his leadership style. It pays with great reward to his political elevation.
Other political leaders in Nigeria rather than using all levels of falsehood to bring down his image should commit themselves to the development of their States and people as Akpabio is currently doing , to elevate their political standing, as no blackmail will deter the excelling governor of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Dr Godswill Obot Akpabio. Uncommon zeal, determination and pragmatic ways with which Governor Akpabio has handled the affairs of the State since assumption of office has been monumentally noticeable. He is putting the people first in the scheme of things and providing them with enduring projects that have changed the landscape of the State.
His approach to governance has been bold, decisive, and methodical. He has left no one in doubt that he was angry with the State of Affairs that he met and therefore in a hurry to transform the State. These, he has done by embarking on unparallel development projects that have changed the face of the entire State, making the Governor the harbinger of rare makeover.
Upon assumption of office, Governor Akpabio embarked on a revolution of a sort to turn the State around through the provision of turnkey infrastructure and effective service delivery to the people. He has provided an enabling environment for investors to partner the government in order to change Akwa Ibom from a pedestrian State to a world class destination. These have obviously earned the Governor and indeed the State numerous awards and accolades.
Over and done with proper harnessing and coordination of the activities of Ministries and Agencies, Governor Akpabio-led management has recorded incredible attainment in various subdivisions. Ibom International Airport is reputed to have one of the longest runways in Nigeria, international flights have already commenced from the airport. But as a man of vision, Akpabio has moved on to complete the second phase which would have the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities to serve the West African sub-region.
With the MRO facility, airlines could do some basic checks of their fleet of aircraft and save the nation capital flight. Building flyovers is one project that not many states can afford but the Akpabio administration has done six so far. Akwa Ibom state also boasts of the first-in-West Africa e-library. The project is a component of the free and compulsory education policy of the administration, which impact has been phenomenal. Apart from the five floor edifice which is an architectural masterpiece in itself, it is the only library in Nigeria with a multi-media conference hall with a capacity for 200 guests.
It also has facilities for teleconferencing from any part of the globe. Spread across the 31 local government areas of the state are over 4,000 life-touching projects. But in the area of rural electrification, the achievement of the Akpabio administration has been unprecedented. Governor Akpabio has promised that there would be no community in Akwa Ibom state that would be in darkness by the end of his tenure in 2015.
And so far his administration has constructed over two thousand kilometers of roads. As the State is the best today in road network. In the area of healthcare delivery the government policy provides free healthcare for the pregnant women, child under five and the elderly. Six cottage hospitals, three general hospitals and a specialist hospital which will house all the Morden technologies in healthcare delivery, are envisioned as centres which will put an end to healthcare ‘tourism’ for the people.
This is just to highlight few of his live touching projects. There is no need of fighting a compound force , you will be broken as a dead log of wood. Akpabio is a man whose strength is God’s endowment. So, with his elevation at all stages of his life, fighting him means fighting God, as you cannot fight God, then you are over working for nothing in fighting Akpabio, Ask CAN.
Written by Emmanuel Nicholas . aka White Bom Bom , An Artiste, Author,Poet,Social Critics and President Foundation Against Tribalism And Social Vices In Nigeria , (FATSVIN) tel +234 80 333 750 68,81733 75068, email [email protected], [email protected] , follow me on facebook crackdownnews newspaper or Emmanuel Nicholas okokon , follow on tweet @crackdownnews

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