Aims and objectives of physical education

Are you also someone who hates the physical education period that haunts your daily routine at your school or college? Do you also fee so irritated by the fact of being forced to perform those exercises? Well, my friend, all that facade has a reason behind that. Let us find that out.

Physical Education is the knowledge of being aware of your own body. This awareness actually forms the basis of a lot of data of your own body which further helps to examine numerous activities that certainly measures the necessary development and growth within a person’s body. There are a lot of definitions regarding this physical education given by numerous specialists. A specialist claims that it is the education that makes an individual the ultimate person that he is. Let us find out various dimensions to this education.

  • Aim of this education

The aim of education is the holistic development of the temperament of an individual which suggests creating a personal physical match, having a mentality alert, and having an emotionally balanced mind which is socially and mentally well adjusted.

  • Objectives behind the physical education

The basic objective behind the education is to create an individual who is physically wholesome, mentally stimulating and hence socially sound. It serves as a step towards the attainment of one’s ultimate aim. It produces an individual who has the capability of being a leader, a sportsman and a learner. It inculcates the spirit of teamwork, and spirit within a person.  As per the research conducted by many renowned researchers and based on a lot of academic writing service, different objectives of this education are highlighted in this article. Some of them are as follows -

According to J.B. Nash, it is a step towards the organic development of an individual. It also helps in Neuro-muscular development, instructive development and also in the emotional development. Whereas, according to Irwin it forms the basis of physical, social, emotional development of an individual. It also caters the development of recreational and intellectual skills of a person. Therefore, the objectives boil down to the following developments within an individual-

  • Organic Development: The first objective is behind the development of your organic systems, like respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and muscular systems. Aerobic exercises have numerous effects on your organic systems that further helps in increasing potency, capacity, form and size.
  • Social Development: Numerous physical exercises offer individual chance for social contact and cluster living that facilitate them to regulate themselves into numerous things and also in building relations. The qualities like obedience, love, trust, etc develop in the due course. These developments facilitate you to become a sensible individual who is capable of forming a healthy and responsible society.
  • Emotional Development: The programs of education tell a number of ways towards learning to manage and control your emotions like anger, happiness, jealousy, worry loneliness etc. It inculcates a balance in an individual’s emotional life.

Hope this article helped you in finding the enormous benefits that lie hidden behind those boring physical education period. If we tend to look things with a broader perspective, we tend to respect them more. Good luck!

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