Just like with people, aging takes its toll on pets. Brain Training For Dogs   Eventually it becomes necessary to take preventative steps to ensure their old age is as healthy and comfortable as possible. Step one, is to have your pet examined each year by a veterinarian. Additional visits maybe necessary depending on your pet's health. To be their healthiest, pets need to maintain a healthy weight. An overweight pet has a tendency to have debilitating health problems, such as joint pain, arthritis, diabetes or liver and kidney malfunctions.

Pets love treats but it's best to keep them to a minimum to avoid weight gain. They may beg for their favorite kibble but keep in mind that every extra morsel may lead to extra pounds and physical problems. It's best to feed your pet once a day or smaller amounts a few times a day. Any left over food should be removed once your pet is done eating. Children need to be told that pets need to maintain a healthy weight and they can help do so by not sneaking them food from the table, extra dog food or treats. Be sure to provide your pet with a consistent supply of fresh, cool water. Older pets may have trouble reaching the water bowl. Pet owners can make it easier on infirm pets by buying elevated water bowls and keeping them in central locations so pets don't have to go far to get a drink.

Exercise is crucial for your pets at any age. Short daily walks are recommended for older pets to keep their circulation in good condition. Dogs enjoy getting fresh air and the stimulation of daily walks. As your pets age, you may need to change from dry dog food to moist or canned dog food. It may be easier for them to digest. No matter what your pets' age, regular visits to the veterinarian will help detect potential problems and keep them their healthiest.


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Comment by John Doe on December 4, 2019 at 10:18pm

For us, a dog is a member of our family. We love our pet very much. He sometimes loves to run away and walk, but they put a dog’s gate, like this, so that he would not run away from us.

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