After this incident, Sanchez's broker responded by dismissing the fact that Sanchez was tax-evasion and pushing the responsibility of the incident to FIFA Coins the Spanish government, setting out four reasons. However, after more than a year of negotiation, Sanchez agreed on the Spanish side of Spain on the morning of the 7th of the same month. He accepted the prosecution's allegation of tax evasion. According to reports given by the Argentine media "TYC" and "goal," Sanchez can avert prison by repaying taxes plus interest. It is worth mentioning that in recent years, many players who played in Spain are caught in the tax evasion scandal.

C Lo, Lionel Messi, Mascherano and other stars are in the list, Messi has long been through the payment of tax plus interest rates to avoid their 21 months in jail. C Luo is currently Spain's tax department think tax evasion 14.7 million euros, but C Lo's attitude is very tough, C Luo that he did not tax evasion. According to previous media reports, C Lo also intends to invite internationally renowned one of the four major accounting firms PricewaterhouseCoopers for their services.

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