After so many things happened, why the Steelers try to Madden Coins avoid the use of tags: General Manager Kevin - Colbert has expressed the team hope to reach a contract with Bell. Basically, they hope not to repeat the mistakes of last year: Bell missed the training camp due to the failure to reach an extension in mid-July. This is a clear route. Steelers know what Bell wants. If they can basically meet Bell's requirements, the negotiations between the two sides are likely to make substantial progress this month.

How to complete the renewal: the standard amount of coverage. This is very important for Bell. Bell is aware that the big numbers on those contracts only tell you something. For example, if a team signed a player with a five-year, $ 50 million contract, the guaranteed amount of the contract is likely to be non-existent after the second year, neither of the three years after the contract Be protected, and is based on the player's performance. Steelers generally only guarantee signing bonus, the rest of the money players have to earn their own play. This means that the way the Steelers contract for the players does not follow the standards of the other teams in the league.

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