The manager of the Blues shocked, "Matic was very clear about what I think of him and, above all, for him, he's a very important player, a top player and very important to the team But sometimes you have to accept such a crazy transfer market, sometimes you have to FIFA Coins accept different decisions for us, this is a huge loss. "

Conti tried to find a replacement for Matic, but Chamberlain chose to stay in Liverpool, while Barkley did not do so. Eventually, the Blues checked in from Leicester to Drakkot. Before the transfer deadline, Tottenham grab Llorente before Chelsea signed, which means that the Blues in the midfield, striker are understaffed. After the summer window ends, Conti recalls 2017 as a marriage to describe his relationship with the club.

After Conti made this statement, Chelsea executives were frustrated by the coach's open criticism of their transfer strategy. Despite this, the Blues checked into Buckley, Giroud and Emerson. After joining the three new recruits, Conti called for the fans to be patient, but also said the club should pay more attention to quality when it comes to signings .

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