Greetings African family,


As a senior African American male in Chicago, IL, US, I am seeking out leaders in the Black Chicago community with a following of 5,000 adults or more to sit with me in Why? I wish to discuss a blueprint I have that can gain such an organization an income of $100,000 in one month or less. If all adult members of at least 5,000 people will act on their leader's request; I will introduce to him or her. How much will it cost each member to do as the leader of their group request...NOTHING. How much will it cost anyone in my blueprint's startup...NOTHING. Ironically, each member that participates will not only help his/her organization but will also earn $20 within days for just doing as requested (being qualified). Thereafter, each such member will then have the blueprint to also create a $100,000 income for themselves over a period based on their own personal drive. Now how much do I make for bringing in a leader that acts on my blueprint...$20!

So you ask, why am I being so nice? I know of a second blueprint that can gain individuals a possible $10,000 per week income normally within a window of 6 months of online diligence. But such a blueprint comes with a startup cost that does not go into my pockets but to a legal, US company that is over 7 yrs old. Can you imagine 5,000 folks put in it by one organization?

Can you feel the presence of a self-financed African Think-Tank spread across the global for Black people? Others have such why not us?

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Comment by torgbui on October 7, 2013 at 10:31pm

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