A continent once bigger than man that man later grew bigger than, Africa. My respect, respect to your nature and your people. I often reflect on your mother’s daughter’s radiant beauty, which shines bright in darkness. Though a lot miss your beauty along the line of race, but your strength everything that breath on earth felt till this day.


Look how your people are suffering all over your land, dying through war, and famines. Your children need your help, Africa. The other day I asked you why these evils are happening among your people, and you said. “Those having sold away their life to what they have, those who don’t have lift up arms and ready to murder young and old, male and female , animal and nature to see they too acquire what some have they did not have.”


Oh, Africa, But, but.


How long will your children be deceived, abused and killed like those exempted from God’s blessings and protection where as God has gifted to you double of grace and blessings of what He gave to people your children look up to civilize them? Teach them how to reach God and achieve His result, remind your children that no matter how rich is men he cannot eat more that that portion rationed for his stomach for a day, to see if those indulge in hoarding will live and let others live. Undermine flesh needs when necessary especially for the interest of others, as flesh will soon decay while good spirit lives forever in glory.


It’s time to direct and guide your children to victory, victory not against nature or human race, but victory against deadly evil that still lives in many of your children in power in your land. You said “it’s not your fault, you have done all you could.”. But you need to do more, please.


They need to know it’s only good spirit that saves man from all evil, that they should aspire all the time to do well not minding who is seeing or who is not seeing.

You will do it for your children, Africa. You must help your leaders to think right and do right like their counter parts all over the world.


You must help; it’s your duty to help. All they are asking you is to stand with their spirit and be sure they do well in all they do, and are protected from evil forces that may come to disrupt their peace. Stand with them in all occasion; defend them from evil forces that swerve human spirits from doing right to wrong at the moment of all crucial decisions.

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