Today about 4200 students are studying in 8 facuties of our University. Among 917 tutors who are working in 76 departments 147 are Doctors of Science, Professors and asst. professors. M.Gorky Donetsk State Medical University has been recognized the best training-methodical centre among Ukrainian medical universities in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and was awarded with certificates from Ukrainian Health Ministry and Ministry of Education.

According to the Ukrainian Health Ministry Order N°148 of March 22, 2004 DNMU has been selected to be the primary Regional Centre of Bologna Process managing in Ukraine. In 2005/06 academic year, DSMU will start teaching its students in accordance with the Bologna Agreement on specialists training using the credit-modular system, and upon completion of their education the students will obtain the Specialist Degree of European standard. DNMU students will be able to study various academic modules at practically any European medical University and after getting the Specialist Degree they will have very attractive employment prospective.

The University also got an array of libraries that not only provides books for the courses, but also for the general knowledge as the student’s disires. Most of them works till late night, that the student can work flexibily not looking at the time.

At M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical h 1 University we train highly qualified doctors specializing in:

POST-GRADUATE EDUCATION (internship, specialization, clinical residency, post-graduate research on different specialties)

The medium of instruction are in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.



General Medicine

The duration of studies for the students specializing in general medicine is six years.

During the first two years the University students acquire knowledge in various fundamental medical subjects: anatomy, histology, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, etc. Beginning from the third academic year, they start their training at the clinical departments of therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, endocrinology, ophthalmology, skin diseases, etc. After six years of studies at the University the graduates are awarded with: General Physician-Specialist Degree.


On having successfully served their internship or specialized clinical course, the graduates obtain a narrow specialization in particular fields of medicine. For the last ten years, M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University has been the leader in the qualified training of general medicine specialist.



The duration of studies at this faculty is five years.

In the first two years the student get introduced with basic subjects like Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry etc. From third year the students will get into clinical side of their career.
After the five years of training the graduates are awarded with:
Degree of qualified Dentist.

Having successfully completed their internship or special clinical courses they obtain a narrow specialization in:

Preventive Dentistry
Operative Dentistry
Prosthetic Dentistry
Children's Dentistry

M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University has 30-year experience in training dentists for the countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. Our priority is the combination of profound general-medical knowledge with the high level of specialized training in all fields of dentistry. During the last five years the University has been leading in dentists training.


Moderate tuition fee is one of the advantages of our University as well.

At first the students acquire knowledge in fundamental medical subjects: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc. From the second academic year they start to study special disciplines of their future profession, practicing their first manipulations on waxworks and models. Later on, experienced teachers among which there are four professors and 50 assistant professors help the students to master the modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of children and adult dental diseases. The students are taught to rehabilitate the teeth and tooth row with the help of composite rehabilitation materials, metal-ceramic and cerami prosthetic appliances; they master the art of surgery in the oscular cavity, on fao and neck. They get comprehensive knowledge in orthodontics - the part of dentistry that studies methods of the wrong teeth and jaws position.


Copious scientific and training potential, hign quality of teaching, reasonable cost of tuition made the Pharmaceutical Faculty of M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University one of the most attractive and prospective faculties for Ukrainian and foreign students.

The faculty administrators are:
Dean, candidate of pharmaceutical science, assistant professor V.N. Khomenko.

The duration of studies at this faculty is five years.


Throughout the first three years at the University, the students study fundamental medical subjects as well as medical botany, pharmacognosia, medicaments technology, pharmaceuti¬cal and toxicological chemistry, clinical pharmacy, etc. During the fourth and fifth academic years, they specialize in pharmacy, complete the practice period at the chemist's shops, pharmaceutical enterprises.
After completing their education the DNMU graduates obtain Degree of pharmaceutists and the Certificates on the chosen specialization:

- Small scale production of medicaments;
- Medicative plants and plant therapy;
- Medicative plants quality control;
- Organization and regulation of the pharma ceutical enterprises, etc.


Post-Graduate Education Faculty

The Post-Graduate Education Faculty (PGE) of the M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University was established on March 1,1962. Nowadays 8,000 doctors and more than 700 interns annually complete their training at the PGE. 250 teachers including 48 Doctors of Science and Professors and 176 Assistant Professors provide the high quality of specialists training.


Duration of the course Specialization - 1 - 23 months

Clinical residency - 2 to more as per wish PhD (med) - 3 years.


Duration of study at Preparatory faculty is one academic year. The preparatory faculty has the license of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science that allow to prepare foreign students for the prediploma preparation for the further studies in the Universities of Ukraine and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). During 15 years of its existence Preparatory Faculty has prepared nearly 1000 foreign students for medical and other Universities of Ukraine. High quality of the teaching process and goal-directed formation give necessary knowledge and skill (for example - the languages of biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology for medical University; the ones of economics/ engineering, computering and other for non¬medical Universities) which guarantee the foreign students to acquire professional language. On having successfully passed their examinations the students obtain the Certificate of international manner that allow them to continue their education either at the chosen faculty of the Donetsk National Medical University, or at any other University of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries.


Life in DNMU

The University campus consists of three buildings with 10 auditoriums for 200-300 students each, 100 study rooms and 37 computer classes, scientific and literature library departments, 9 hostels with reading and sport rooms, Sanatoriums, stadium, sport and recreation complexes, students club, dining room, cafe, first aid centre. There is sport and recreation camp on the bank of Severskiy Donets.


The hostels are situated inside the campus, so that the students can easily reach their classes without exiting the campus. The rooms are provided with necessary furniture’s and accessories.

The administration and study buildings as well as the campus are situated on the left side of Kalmius river, which is almost in the centre of Donetsk.


Education in DNMU


DNMU students gain their professional experience at 26 specialized bases (multispecialized medical and preventive organizations and research institutes) and at 28 specially equipped clinical bases (leading city hospitals) under the supervision of experienced specialists.

There are two scientific research insti¬tutes: the Institute of Medical family problems and that one of traumatology and orthopedics. The modern treatment methods such as kidney transplantation, surgeries on open heart with the artificial blood circulation, extracorporal blood purification, biochemoabsorbtion and many others are applied in the most of the clinics almost every day.

officially the best medical university in Ukraine, according to top list of medical and other universities by WEBOMETRICS-2011. This list contains 12 000 universities all over the world. It’s only 20 uni from Ukraine at this list.
Also regarding to science metric database SCOPUS our university is on #6 rank of all Ukrainian universities and #1 in a medicals.
Medical education in our university makes it possible to obtain the European Diploma at the end of the study. 
  Due to the high teaching standards the Donetsk National Medical University of Maxim Gorky has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is registered in the World Directory of Schools. Due to the high quality of students  training and comparatively low tuition fees DonNMU  is one of  the most attractive Ukrainian Medical Universities for foreigners. 
  There are more than 4,200 students from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Greece, Israel, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Peru, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and other countries currently studying in the University.
  Donetsk National Medical University of Maxim Gorky (DonNMU), one of the largest and best medical universities of the former USSR, was established in 1930 as Donetsk Medical Institute of Maxim Gorky and in 1994 it was given the status of University. In 2007 it was upgraded to a National Medical University.
  More than 45,000 highly qualified doctors, well-known scientists, researchers, health care providers from Ukraine, Russia, other ex-soviet republics, and 89 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas have graduated during the 81 years of DonNMU existence. 

  To enter the University without mediation of other firms through the Marketing Centre of DonNMU and through the representatives of the firms for recruitment of students.

1. In order to get admitted to Donetsk National Medical University of Maxim Gorky, the applicant must send at the e-mail address of Marketing Centre of the University ( [email protected]) the following documents:
-    copy of education certificate;
-    copy of national passport; 
-    postal address;
-    telephone number (international format).

2. The applicant should transfer by Western Union 350$.
3. The University will draw up the invitation for the applicant and send the invitation at applicant’s address by express mail.

4. Having got the invitation, the applicant should apply with it and other necessary documents to the Embassy of Ukraine to get the visa to Ukraine.

Learning Resource Centers of DNMU

are institution - or community-based telecenters, which consist of at least one computer with Internet access, a scanner that allows partners to digitize clinical images for use in teleconsultations, and a collection of health and medical databases. These centers are designed to enable partners to overcome decades of isolation from information — an isolation that has discouraged the adaptation of clinical practices to reflect changing international standards of healthcare provision. In addition to providing a direct link to current information sources, the LRCs also offer new opportunities for education, communication, and collaboration within the DNMU partnership network, as well as with the international health community.

These training workshops cover the following core set of skills:

  • Basic and advanced Internet tools and applications
  • Medical searching techniques, including use of MEDLINE and other databases
  • Principles of evidence-based practice and critical appraisal of information
  • Training and outreach (training-of-trainers, presentation skills)
  • Strategic planning (building support for the LRC, budgeting, and grant proposal writing)
  • Presentation skills, marketing and promotion
  • Web site development and design
  • Basic database design, computer networking, and information systems planning

The successful functioning of a modern university today is impossible without an effective quality management system, which has as its goal to improve quality performance of all activities of the university - teaching and organization, teaching methods, research and education.
The purpose of the Quality System (SC) in DNMU is the continuous improvement of the quality of educational services.
SC high school is a tool that can significantly increase the effectiveness of coordination and control of all processes at the university, to increase the rational use of all resources and significantly faster response to the above changes.
SK - a system based on a structured set of documents regulating the main aspects of the educational and administrative activities of the university, which must be reviewed and continuously maintained.
SC DNMU designed to ensure the quality of key business processes life cycle of the University, which will achieve relevance and competitiveness among the other universities that have similar educational services.
SC DNMU provides evidence for potential consumers as to whether the university can do for them, provides a steady release of competent professionals, optimize costs, strengthens and enhances the image of DNMU position in the market of educational services.
The organization of DNMU in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008, helping to attract new domestic and foreign consumers of educational services and to meet the requirements of the internal and external customers.
Development of the SC in DNMU in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000 will ensure the convertibility of HIGH SCHOOL diploma graduates and competitiveness in domestic and international labor market.
The implementation program in the IC DNMU entered into force in accordance with the order № 205 of DNMU 17.06.2011g. "On the development of a quality management system, establishing a coordination council and working group QMS DNMU."







Emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching
Moderate Climate around the year
Outstanding International Faculty
Quality Education
Globally Recognized Courses (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL)
Cost effective
European Life Standard
Worldwide Acceptance of Ukrainian Method of Teaching
English Medium of Instruction
One of the Best Transportation systems in Europe
International Students enjoy approximately 30%~ 50% discounts on travel
Enrichment of Experience through Visiting Professors from USA, CANADA, UK
Participation of Students in Seminars/Symposia/Project Work, etc. in other European cities
Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Check Republic
Three Months' Summer Jobs during vacation in countries i.e. U.K., SWEDEN and other E.U. countries
Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program
100% VISA assured to deserving candidates


Our services for Students 

1.Official Admission Letter from the chosen University
2. Getting MCI Approval in India
3. Deposit of Course Fee with the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine for respective University
4. VISA Support letter from the Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine to respective embassy of Ukraine
5. Reception of student from any airport or railway station of Ukraine with University and Ministry of Education Officials
6. Assistance in Immigration Clearance in Ukraine
7. Accommodation arrangement in University Hostel
8. Medical Insurance, health care Test, Police registration
9. Student ID card, Hostel Card, International Student Card , sim card etc
10. Opening of Bank Account in UKRAINE International Bank
11. Support during the entire period of study
12. Orientation program for students in the local environment (City Tour)














Admission Office:

Donetsk National Medical University,

16, Ilicha Avenue, Donetsk,


for enquiry in UKRAINE:
Tel: •(+380)- 963093786, +380 0630282828

Email: [email protected]


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